Press Releases


  • October 10th 2023

    Updating Audio Workflow with Ovation & Anubis

    With expert advice and support from Binaural, Venevision's new system, combining Ovation and Anubis, marked the TV network’s successful transition to a modern, efficient and reliable audio workflow. The solution from Merging Technologies allowed multiple pieces of aging equipment to be seamlessly replaced, transforming audio quality for its viewers, to the delight of Amengual.

    Anubis, Ovation, Pyramix

    Venevision , Television Network, broadcast, post-production, Merging Anubis, Merging Ovation, Merging Pyramix

  • September 29th 2023

    Merging Technologies to launch Venue Mission

    Merging Technologies, a Swiss manufacturer of digital audio solutions, is thrilled to announce the much-anticipated launch of its Venue Mission software for Anubis, designed specifically for the brand’s popular audio interface. Created with live musicians in mind, Venue Mission promises to revolutionise the way users manage their workflows when using multiple Anubis units together. By focusing on the needs of both musicians and technicians, the software offers unparalleled control over the entire audio ecosystem, providing a seamless and intuitive user interface for multiple users.


    Venue Mission, Merging Anubis, AES67, Emmanuelle Husson, Radioactivitees, Orchestra, Band, Personal Monitor, Personal Mixer

  • August 4th 2023

    Well Made Music with Merging Technologies

    Well Made Music is based in Bristol, Virginia and was founded in 2010 by Clint Holley. Using its two fully restored Neumann VMS-70 disc cutting lathes, the studio has since cut upwards of 10,000 lacquer masters, with cuts pressed at dozens of vinyl pressing plants around the world from recordings by eminent artists including Fleetwood Mac, the Notorious B.I.G., Billy Strings and Miles Davis. In 2019, to complement the studio’s lacquer cutting services, Senior Mastering Engineer, Polster introduced digital mastering and restoration – a transformational move which led to the acquisition, in 2021, of a Merging Technologies HAPI unit and Pyramix Native Pro.

    Anubis, Hapi, Horus, Pyramix

    Well MAde Music, Dave Polster, Merging Hapi, Merging Anubis, Pyramix, DSD, Restored Neumann VMS-70 disc cutting lathe, Paul Blakemore, RAVENNA

  • July 10th 2023

    From the banks of the Pearl River to the Shores of the Haihe

    The Xinghai Concert Hall recently concluded its 25th Music Season, while the Shanghai Quartet celebrated its 40th Anniversary Residency performance. The chamber music festival made a strong impression on Guangzhou, Xinghai, and the attendees. They decided to capture the event using Merging Technologies' DXD/DSD format.

    Anubis, Hapi, Horus

    Xinghai Concert Hall, DXD, Recording, Merging Horus, Merging Hapi, Merging Anubis, Shanghai Quartet, Tianjin Juilliard School

  • April 14th 2023

    Merging Technologies returns to NAB 2023

    The centennial edition of the NAB show is set to be an unmissable celebration of broadcast, media and entertainment technology. Taking place at Las Vegas Convention Center between the 15th-19th of April, Merging Technologies will be exhibiting at stand C4517.

    Anubis, Hapi

    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, RAVENNA, Horus, MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Hapi MkII, SoundID, DOlby Atmos, VAD, Dolby Atmos Renderer

  • January 26th 2023

    Merging Technologies returns to ISE 2023

    With ISE 2023 just around the corner, Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies is preparing for its return to Fira Barcelona. This year the team will be focusing on immersive audio and workflow.

    Ovation, Pyramix, Anubis, SPAT Revolution

    Ovation, Pyramix, SPAT Revolution, Flux Immersive, Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, Flux, ISE2023, Immersive, Dolby Atmos, ADM, OSC

  • October 17th 2022

    Merging Technologies returns to AES New York

    The New York AES Convention sees Merging combined with new partners, Neumann.Berlin on booth 329 and on our US distributor’s stand 344, both on level 3. Despite a lot of change since the last visit to the Big Apple, the company’s focus has been on improving workflows for immersive audio formats such as Dolby Atmos and forging new partnerships with other manufacturers.

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi mkII, Anubis, ANEMAN

    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, RAVENNA, Horus, MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Hapi MkII, Dolby Atmos, Sonarworks, SoundID, multichannel, mutlichannel room correction, Eventide, Blackhole

  • September 7th 2022

    Merging Technologies returns to IBC 2022

    Stand 8.F96 sees Merging’s return to IBC after an enforced three year gap which has seen many changes in products and a change of ownership for the company. Despite the new integration with Neumann.Berlin, Merging will still have its own space at this IBC.

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi mkII, Anubis, ANEMAN

    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, RAVENNA, Horus, MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Hapi MkII, Dolby Atmos, Broadcast, ST2022

  • June 5th 2022

    Neumann and Merging Technologies join forces

    German studio specialist Neumann.Berlin and Swiss company Merging Technologies - one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-resolution digital audio recording systems – will now be working together under the umbrella of the Sennheiser group. Sennheiser has taken over the shares of Merging technology entirely. With this step, Neumann.Berlin will enlarge its range of high-quality audio solutions.

    Horus, Hapi, Anubis

    Merging Technologies, Neumann Berlin, Neumann, Merging, Sennheiser, Audio Solutions

  • May 9th 2022

    Merging Technologies Announces AES67 Solution For Analog Devices Sharc® SoCs

    Merging Technologies today announces the availability of its AES67 embedded solution for the ADSP-SC5xx SHARC® series of System on Chips (SoCs) from Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI). Merging Technologies’ experience in the audio over IP (AoIP) field (RAVENNA/AES67) and ADI's experience in unified communications and pro-audio applications, has led to a collaboration that broadens the range of AoIP solutions for manufacturers of electronics and ultimately integrators.


    Merging Technologies, Analog Devices, Merging, ADI, Sharc, AES67, ProAV, OEM, AoIP, ADSP-SC5xx, SoC, Arm Cortex® Core,

  • May 6th 2022

    Immersive Innovation From Merging And FLUX:: Immersive

    Merging Technologies shares stand 7-P190 with our long-term partners from FLUX:: Immersive and will be demonstrating how simple content can be prepared for live events. The increased popularity of immersive audio content in all its forms is driving the need to repurpose or create programs for use in a host of different environments. Making this process simple for the creative community is a goal shared by the two companies.

    Ovation, Pyramix, Anubis

    Ovation, Pyramix, SPAT Revolution, Flux Immersive, Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, Flux, ISE2022, Immersive

  • April 22nd 2022

    Merging’s New Mission For Anubis

    The Commentary Unit Mission focuses on providing a very easy to use implementation of a broadcast commentary box, targeted at journalists commenting on all kinds of On-Air live events such as sport, e-sport, radio programs and more. Once running the Mission, the unit offers monitoring and commentary features for one single or two commentators, with all necessary microphone, headphone and speakers’ connectivity, best in class mic preamp and headphone amp and AD/DA directly in the box.


    Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, Commentary Unit mission, Commentary unit, NEP, AES67, RAVENNA, ST2110, ST2022-7, NMOS

  • April 22nd 2022

    Lawo Welcomes Merging Technologies As First Among HOME Equals

    Merging Technologies and Lawo today announced that Merging is the first vendor whose solutions are fully integrated with Lawo’s HOME platform, with all-access privileges to the invaluable services offered by this groundbreaking IP infrastructure management platform.

    Anubis, Hapi MkII, OASIS

    Lawo, HOME, Anubis, Hapi MkII, Pyramix, OASIS, Christian Struck, Maurice Engler, Claude Cellier, Axel Kern

  • April 21st 2022

    Merging Is At NAB 2022 With An Impressive Offering

    Merging Technologies arrives at NAB 2022 in good health despite the last two years and the many challenges along the way. Demand for products remains exceptionally strong and the engineering team have been continuously developing products. NAB will see several new innovations being shown in a public forum for the first time on booth C4418. The MERGING+ANUBIS Commentary Unit Mission is the most recent and highly relevant to the NAB attendees.

    Anubis, Hapi MkII, Horus, ZMAN, VAD, MAD

    NAB, NAB Show, NAB 2022, Las Vegas, Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, Commentary Unit mission, Commentary unit

  • April 7th 2022

    Merging Partners With NEP Australia On A New Mission

    NEP Australia is the largest outside broadcast facilitator in the country with ten centralised control rooms, 14 Outside Broadcast trucks and operations coming from 70 venues across the country. As one of the first adopters of IP technology, NEP knows first-hand the importance of having equipment that can operate in a very large network that needs to be flexible and routable.


    Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, Commentary Unit mission, Commentary unit, NEP Australia, Australian Open Tennis

  • January 26th 2022

    Merging Launches Pyramix 14

    The 25th Anniversary edition of Merging’s Pyramix recording, mixing and mastering suite introduced Dolby Atmos for Music workflow for the first time and based on the feedback from users and the team from Dolby, it became clear that some improvements would make a big difference. Pyramix 14 delivers that next level of production for those mixing and mastering Dolby Atmos releases. It addresses all the common scenarios encountered in the preparation of suitable material for this enormously successful format.

    Pyramix, Ovation

    Pyramix 14, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Atmos for Music, Ovation 10, ADM

  • August 19th 2021

    Nixer Proaudio Uses Merging Solution For RAVENNA

    The rapid adoption of AoIP needs more innovative tools to make sure that streams are arriving safely and a UK company, Nixer, has been providing solutions since 2017 and already has an impressive range of Dante tools. However, rather quickly requests were received from customers for high channel count solutions for RAVENNA too. There was a clear need to monitor channels from multiple networks in a broadcast master control environment. The challenge was met by the company’s RL Series that can be specified RAVENNA or Dante and the four models cover from 64 up to 256 channels from a single operator position.


    ZMAN, Nixer, Proaudio, AoIP, RL Series

  • July 28th 2021

    MERGING+PYRAMIX at the Astronomy Museum

    On July 18, 2021, the Shanghai Astronomy Museum opened in a blaze of bright lights nearby the Dishui Lake in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. It covers an area of 58,603 square meters and a building area of 37,741 square meters, making it the largest planetarium in the world. With the vision of 'shaping a complete view of the universe', Shanghai Astronomy Museum strives to stimulate people's curiosity, encourage them to appreciate the starry sky, understand the universe and think about the future.

    Pyramix, Hapi

    MERGING+PYRAMIX, MERGING+HAPI, Pyramix, Hapi, Dreamula, Chen Baizhou, Hapi MkII, Shanghai Planetarium, RAVENNA, Dante, Milky Way, Universe, Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, 7.1.4, AES67, 3D Immersive

  • May 20th 2021

    MERGING+ANUBIS Music Mission Released

    The Music Mission has landed after an intensive period of beta testing with an international roster of leading musicians, engineers and producers. The original claim of being able to optimize the feature set by loading different software has been fully realized. The Music Mission can be downloaded by existing users free of charge and all new orders will be shipped with both Music and Monitor Missions loaded. When switching on the unit, choosing the Mission is a press of the touch screen and either loads the highly-praised and versatile monitor controller or if you select the Music Mission, an up to 48 input/24 output, low latency mixer with multiple effects appears.


    MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Music Mission, pro audio, AD/DA converter, Merging Technologies, ST2022-7, Broadcast, RAVENNA-AES67, ST2110, NMOS, NMOS IS-04, NMOS IS-05

  • March 8th 2021

    Merging Technologies Announces Hapi MkII

    The core of Hapi MKII is the powerful ZMAN processor featured in MERGING+ANUBIS and this allows for individual channel-based routing and the other important enhancements to the headphone performance and DA control. The headphone amplifier now monitors full DSD256 material with volume control from the front panel and, as with Anubis, it is now capable of driving ultra-low to very high impedance headphones.


    Hapi MkII, pro audio, AD/DA converter, Merging Technologies, ST2022-7, Broadcast, RAVENNA-AES67, ST2110, NMOS, NMOS IS-04, NMOS IS-05

  • October 28th 2020

    Award-Winning Japanese Label Uses Pyramix 25th For Dolby Atmos® Releases

    Ten titles prepared for Amazon Music HD using the latest workflow


    Unamas Label, Tokyo, Mick Sawaguchi, Dolby Atmos releases, Pyramix 25th Anniversary

  • October 27th 2020

    Merging Audio Device Expands Functionality For All Users

    Enhanced Infrastructure package for broadcast users


    MAD, Merging Audio Device, Merging Technologies, Multi-ASIO, WDM, ASIO driver, broadcast

  • August 20th 2020

    MERGING+ANUBIS SPS; By Popular Demand

    New interface product ticks the broadcasters’ boxes

    Anubis SPS, MAD

    MERGING+ANUBIS, Merging Technologies, ST2022-7, Broadcast, RAVENNA-AES67, ST2110, NMOS, NMOS IS-04, NMOS IS-05

  • July 29th 2020

    AES Virtual Vienna Student Prize Award From Merging

    Kseniya Kawko wins two awards for projects recorded on Pyramix

    Pyramix, ANEMAN

    AES Prize, AES Vienna, Kseniya Kawko, Pyramix

  • April 27th 2020

    How To Wish The Danish Queen Happy Birthday COVID Style

    Merging Technologies helps the nation sing to Queen Margarethe

    Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, Anubis

    Daniel Davidsen, Denmark, Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Merging Technologies

  • April 22nd 2020

    MERGING+ANUBIS Flexibility Is A Revelation To Jeremy Tusz

    The purchase of Anubis is more than adding a “neat little box”

    Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, Anubis

    Jeremy Tusz, Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Merging Technologies

  • February 26th 2020

    Soundmirror Reflects In Grammy® Glory

    Merging Technologies’ prestigious clients have been monopolizing the Classical Grammys for many years and this is a source of great pride to the company. There are few recording teams that come close to the success enjoyed by Soundmirror over more than 40 years. Nominations and awards go well past 100 and 2020 was a particularly rich year. Two wins and five additional nominations and of those, two were in the same category as the winners.

    Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, Anubis

    Merging Technologies, Soundmirror, Classical Grammy, DXD, DSD

  • January 9th 2020

    MERGING+ANUBIS Hits NAMM 2020 Running

    The winter NAMM event (16-19 January 2020) will see MERGING+ANUBIS there for the first time on booth #15623 and already nominated for a NAMM TEC Award. Launched in time for AES Dublin, Prolight+Sound and NAB 2019, Anubis arrives in Anaheim on the back of several months of record sales and with several very significant feature enhancements.

    Pyramix 12, Anubis

    Merging Technologies, Networked Audio Converter, AD/DA, Monitoring, MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis Monitor, DSD, NAMM2020

  • October 7th 2019

    When Failure Is Not An Option

    National days and major sporting events are often driven by Merging products, but when China celebrates the 70th Anniversary of the Peoples’ Republic, you can be sure that it will be on a grand scale.

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, Anubis

    Networked Audio Converters, Ovation, Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore, Horus, Hapi, DXD, FHK, MERGING+ANUBIS, CCTV, Tiananmen, 70th

  • October 7th 2019

    L’erreur n’est pas une option

    Un show avec plus de 100'000 participants et une audience potentielle via la TV chinoise de 1,4 milliard de téléspectateurs. La parade ultra précise et réglée à la seconde s’est déroulée parfaitement, la qualité sonore a été acclamée comme étant la meilleure jamais produite pour ce genre d’événement. Le tout produit et géré par des ingénieurs et techniciens son qualifiés avec les outils de Merging Technologies.

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, Anubis

    Networked Audio Converters, Ovation, Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore, Horus, Hapi, DXD, FHK, MERGING+ANUBIS, CCTV, Tiananmen, 70th

  • September 22nd 2019

    NEP Choisit Anubis De Merging Pour Son VEP

    NEP est un géant mondial de la technologie des médias qui jouit d'une réputation enviable en matière d'innovation. Rapide à voir les avantages du Cloud pour ses opérations internationales, NEP a mis en place une plate-forme centralisée basée sur une infrastructure entièrement IP qui permet le partage des ressources sur plusieurs sites distants, tels que les installations de production, les studios et les sites externes. Sur le plan purement théorique, les installations IP sont faciles à mettre en œuvre, mais l'efficacité de leur fonctionnement dépend de la sélection minutieuse de certains composants petits mais essentiels. Ce n'est pas la première fois qu'un broadcaster majeur découvre à quel point Anubis, de Merging Technologies, peut jouer un rôle vital dans le cadre de son installation. Le management technique de NEP était tellement convaincu que notre dispositif serait à la hauteur de ses exigences qu'il a passé une commande de 50 unités.


    Networked Audio Converter, RAVENNA, MERGING+ANUBIS, NEP, VEP, IPC2019, MSV

  • September 17th 2019

    NEP Selects Merging's Anubis For VEP

    NEP is a global media technology giant with an enviable reputation for innovation. Quick to see the benefit of the cloud for its operations around the globe, NEP’s centralized platform is based on an all IP infrastructure that allows the sharing of resources over multiple remote locations, such as production facilities, studios and external venues. IP installations are easy in theory, but efficient operation depends on the careful selection of some small but vital components. Not for the first time, a major broadcast facility has discovered how Anubis from Merging Technologies can fulfil a vital role. So convinced was the technical management team that this device would fit the bill, they placed an order for 50 units.


    Networked Audio Converter, RAVENNA, MERGING+ANUBIS, NEP, VEP, IPC2019, MSV

  • September 10th 2019

    Three Cheers For Ovation In China

    Gaining the confidence of a major broadcaster is always rewarding for a manufacturer and this is increasingly true when they are a national television station. They don’t come larger than China Central Television (CCTV) so to see Merging Technologies’ products in use in critical parts of the infrastructure, is a great honour.

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, Anubis, ANEMAN

    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore, Horus, DSD, DXD, MERGING+ANUBIS, Monitor, Ovation, CCTV

  • September 9th 2019

    Merging Technologies At IBC 2019

    Merging has been at the forefront of Audio over IP technology for seven years and has participated in the majority of IP Showcase events since they began. It will be no surprise that all Merging networked audio products are ST2110-30 compliant. However, some broadcasters are already locked into ST2022-7 and Merging is now able to offer Seamless Protection Switching (SPS) via a simple firmware upgrade.

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, Anubis, ANEMAN

    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore, Horus, DSD, DXD, MERGING+ANUBIS, Monitor, Ovation, IBC, Amsterdam

  • July 4th 2019

    Pyramix In National Centre For Performing Arts

    DSD256 in Surround in China’s leading arts centre

    Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, ANEMAN

    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore, Horus, SACD, DXD, China, Arts

  • April 4th 2019

    Merging Technologies at NAB 2019

    MERGING+ANUBIS debut in North America

    Anubis, Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, ANEMAN

    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore, Horus, SACD, DXD, MERGING+ANUBIS, Monitor

  • March 30th 2019

    Merging Technologies at Prolight+Sound

    MERGING+ANUBIS debut in major European show

    Anubis, Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, ANEMAN

    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore, Horus, SACD, DXD, MERGING+ANUBIS, Monitor

  • March 21st 2019

    MERGING+ANUBIS is 'One of a Kind'

    MERGING+ANUBIS is a true product with a difference and one that is targeted at quite diverse markets. It appeals to Merging’s traditional customer base in broadcast, post production and high-end recording, as a powerful addition to their existing installation. More significantly, it offers unique features to any studio owner or musician looking for a compact AD/DA unit with the quality you would expect from Merging, or a fully featured monitor controller that integrates with any DAW.


    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore, Horus, SACD, DXD, MERGING+ANUBIS

  • November 30th 2018

    Merging Changes Distribution In Nordic Region

    Merging Technologies is delighted to announce new distribution deals for its professional product range. Nordic Pro Audio has taken responsibility for the Danish territories and AV Marketing Finland is the new importer for that country.

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, ANEMAN

    Nordic Pro Audio, Product Specialist for Live and Studio, Merging Sales Partners, AV Marketing Finland, Sales

  • November 21st 2018

    Merging Delivers Massive RAVENNA System

    This is one of the largest RAVENNA/AES67 installations for Merging’s Networked Audio interfaces since deliveries started in 2012. It features 16 Horus units, 11 Hapi units and 35 8-channel Premium A/D cards and 37 Premium D/A cards. It is also the first major installation to feature ANEMAN Enterprise as the Master Control for the whole system and the list of show control and playout servers is no less impressive. There are 8 Ovation systems for all zones matrix routing and processing and 6 Emotion systems for Audio-on-Demand playback which can all operate in DXD by virtue of the Premium cards being fitted.

    Ovation, Horus, Hapi, ANEMAN Enterprise, Emotion Server

    Paradise City, Ovation, RAVENNA, AES67, ANEMAN Enterprise, DXD, Audio-on-Demand, Emotion Server, DJ, Karaoke, live shows

  • August 21st 2018

    Merging Technologies At IBC 2018

    Significant enhancements to software and hardware

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, ANEMAN, VCube

    Networking, Network Manager, AoIP, AES67, ST2110, Interfaces, Media Server, RAVENNA, DAW

  • May 17th 2018

    Merging's Ovation Powers A Brilliant! Experience

    The Neon Museum has created “Brilliant!”—an audiovisual immersion experience that uses technology advances to reanimate 40 monumental examples of the museum’s iconic vintage signs. Presented after dark in the Neon Museum’s North Gallery, “Brilliant!” was created by digital artist and designer Craig Winslow using projection mapping to arrive at a shared augmented reality experience. Earth Water Sky served as the system designer and integrator with audio and video servers supplied by Show Sage.


    Ovation, Las Vegas, Neon Museum, Billiant!, vintage, Neon Museum’s North Gallery, Earth Water Sky, Show Sage, Immersive, 3D, WATCHOUT

  • March 28th 2018

    Merging Technologies At NAB 2018

    NAB 2018 will continue to feature the importance of IP technology as was the case at IBC and NAB 2017. Merging Technologies was one of the early adopters, incorporating AoIP into its hardware products in 2012. The choice of RAVENNA as the most flexible and broadcast-friendly of the protocols on offer, proved to be a wise choice as AES67 compliance was a simple task once the standard had been agreed. Merging was a keen supporter of the MNA during its period of relevance and has now migrated to the support of AIMS which supported AES67 and ST2110 from the beginning.

    ANEMAN, Horus, Hapi, Pyramix, Ovation

    NAB 2018, early adopters, AES67, ST2110-30, PTP master, Calrec, interoperability, Luminex, Ward Beck Systems, Genelec

  • March 9th 2018

    Movement Tracks Project Is A Finalist At South By Southwest

    A truly international cooperation has seen a radical new Biomedical Music™project nominated as a finalist at this prestigious event. On February 8, South by Southwest (SXSW) announced the Movement Tracks Project as a finalist for their Interactive Innovation Awards, which honor ground-breaking advancements from 2017.

    Pyramix, Hapi, Ovation

    Movement Tracks Project, SWSX, Center for Music Therapy, DSD, DXD, Interactive Innovation Awards Finalist Showcase, Biodex Gait, Pyramix, Hapi

  • February 16th 2018

    ManAlive Goes Overboard For Merging Technologies

    A successful band setting up a studio is not particularly noteworthy, but when it is set up to record in DSD and features a 4K video stage, this is clearly unusual. Furthermore, this brand new facility is located on Nashville’s doorstep which is home to many famous studios, suggesting this is a bold move. DSD recording is relatively unusual for a conventional studio, although commonplace in the classical recording world with the majority of concert halls and opera houses being so equipped. This is no ordinary studio but, regardless of musical genre, DSD means Merging Technologies and in this case Pyramix MassCore with 2 Horus Networked Audio Converters.

    Pyramix, MassCore, Horus

    DSD, Nashville, ManAlive, Annie Moses Band, 4K, Pyramix Pro Tools HDX, SSL AWS, Scott Dupre

  • January 31st 2018

    AuRender Joins RAVENNA community

    Merging Technologies, manufacturer of MERGING+NADAC, MERGING+PLAYER and MERGING+POWER is delighted to announce that it will be showing an Aurender X100 Music Server directly connected to a RAVENNA AoIP network and using a MERGING+NADAC as the DAC. This demonstration will be hosted in the joint Merging Technologies/Terrason room 255 at the Norddeutscher Hi Fi Tage in Hamburg. This important event for Northern Germany takes place February 3 – 4 2018 at the Holiday Inn Hamburg Elbbrücken.


    MERGING+NADAC, RAVENNA, Merging+ Range, AuRender, AuRender x100, DSD Playback, DSD256, DSD, DXD, A10, N10, N100, x100L, x100S, W20, Music Server, High End Munich, Deutsche HIFI Tage

  • October 23rd 2017

    An Ovation For The European Parliament Visitors

    Telmaco, Europe's leading AV company, has installed multi-touch interactive media stations in the European Parliament. Merging Technologies’ Ovation Audio & Event Sequencer is supplying the required 10 channels of audio.

    Ovation, Hapi, Pyramix

    Telmaco S.A., InAVate Awards, multi-touch interactive media stations, Ovation Audio & Event Sequencer, Ovation, European Parliament, Strasbourg, Dataton Watchpax Multi Display Player, Pyramix, AES67

  • October 16th 2017

    ProStudioMasters and McGill University Use Merging Technologies For Key Audio Research Project

    The vexing question of whether high resolution audio formats really make a difference may get a more definitive answer in the near future. A formidable team of expertise from ProStudioMasters and McGill University embarked on an extraordinarily thorough experiment of recording a widely diverse series of concerts and studio sessions in all popular digital recording formats. One of the challenges was to ensure that all the recordings could be captured on identical equipment; the only differences being the bit rates and the sampling rates. It was apparent that there was only one company that could provide a simple and effective solution; Merging Technologies.

    Hapi, Pyramix

    Richard King, McGill University, high resolution audio formats, Jordan Strum, ProStudioMasters, Hapi, DSD,Sanken, Ieronim Catanescu, AES New York

  • September 28th 2017

    Merging Technologies At RMAF 2017

    The MERGING+PLAYER, MERGING+NADAC and MERGING+POWER will be featured in a dedicated room at The Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in Denver. This late decision to take a room at the show was predicated by a change in US distribution and the desire to show the full range of products without conflict from other brands in the same room.


    MERGING+ Range, MERGING+NADAC, MERGING+PLAYER, MERGING+POWER, audiophile DAC, Roon integrated DAC, RMAF, Rocky Mountain Audio Festival, Independent Audio, Fraser Jones, Chris Hollebone

  • September 21st 2017

    IBC Was An IP Showcase For Merging Technologies

    Merging Technologies continues to show leadership in audio networking with its highly successful Horus and Hapi interfaces, ANEMAN network management software and OEM AES67 solutions with ZMan.

    Pyramix, Ovation, ANEMAN, Horus, Hapi, ZMAN

    Audio Networking, ANEMAN network management software, ANEMAN, Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, AES67 interfaces, OEM AES67 solutions, ZMan, MPEGH, Immersive

  • September 14th 2017

    Pyramix 11.1 To Include Full Object Based Audio Workflow

    Merging Technologies decided to complete its immersive audio tool set for broadcasters by developing the Audio Definition Module (ADM ITU-R BS.2076) and MPEGH (by Fraunhofer IIS) export

    Pyramix, Horus, Hapi

    Immersive Audio, tool set for broadcasters, Audio Definition Module, ADM ITU-R BS.2076, MPEGH, Fraunhofer IIS, export, EBU, OBA, IBC2016, ORPHEUS Project, RAVENNA, AES67, IRCAM, ADMix renderer tool

  • September 6th 2017

    Merging Technologies At IBC 2017

    Merging Technologies @ IBC 2017 with audio over IP at the top of the company’s agenda

    Pyramix, Ovation, ANEMAN, Horus, Hapi, ZMAN

    IBC2017, IBC, IPShowcase, ANEMAN, Network manager,Pyramix, DAW, Ovation, event sequencer, audio server, RAVENNA, AES67, DSD

  • August 25th 2017

    Iconic Recording Revisited In Beijing With Pyramix

    “Dream of Red Mansions” was a drama series that gripped the Chinese nation in 1987. It is possibly remembered as much for the music as the acting, so much so, that a concert commemorating the series was held in the People’s Great Hall in Beijing on June 17th. It was hosted by the well-known Chinese actor, Zhang Guoli, who is connected to the 1987 TV series through his wife, who was a principal actress. The Chinese Film Orchestra performed at the concert, headed by the conductor Zhang Lie. The music was composed by the internationally famous Wang Liping.

    Pyramix, Horus

    Pyramix, Horus, Dream of Red Mansions, DXD, Beijing, Chinese Film Orchestra, Wang Lipang, Wang Fulin, Chen Li, Weishen Xu, Ouyang Fengiang, Dream Formula, People's Great Hall, CCTV

  • May 23rd 2017

    RFI - From Short Wave To Binaural Streaming (EN)

    Recently, VR 360° was added to the RFI Labo works. For these productions, the entire technical methodology for sound capture, journalistic writing and post-production had to be reviewed and adapted. This work was directed by Xavier Gibert (in charge of the RFI Labo production unit).

    Pyramix, Pyramix Native, Horus

    RFI, Radio France Internationale, binaural, bcom, Pyramix, VR 360°, RFI Labo, multichannel recording, France Medias Monde

  • May 22nd 2017

    RFI - De l’Onde Courte Au Streaming En Binaural (FR)

    Dernièrement la VR 360° est venu s’ajouter aux travaux de RFI Labo. Pour réaliser ces productions, toute la méthodologie technique de captation des sons, d'écriture pour les journalistes ainsi que la post-production en studio a dû être revue et adaptée. Ce travail a été dirigé par Xavier Gibert (chargé d’unité de production RFI Labo)

    Pyramix, Pyramix Native, Horus

    RFI, Radio France Internationale, binaural, bcom, Pyramix, VR 360°, RFI Labo, Captation multicanal, France Médias Monde

  • May 12th 2017

    Merging Innovation At High End Munich 2017

    The introduction of MERGING+NADAC and then MERGING+PLAYER shook the high end audio world by introducing an Ethernet audio protocol in place of the conventional USB connection. RAVENNA offers numerous practical, performance and reliability advantages over USB and the results have been recorded in a series of rave reviews for these products.


    MERGING+NADAC, MERGING+PLAYER, MERGING+POWER, Merging Technologies, RAVENNA, Melco, Aurender, ZMAN, High End Munich 2017, LINUX Virtual Audio Device

  • April 19th 2017

    Merging Partners With RAVENNA To Launch ANEMAN Audio Network Manager

    RAVENNA was delighted to partner with Merging Technologies to co-host an exclusive launch of the Merging/Digigram-developed Audio Network Manager software tool at the ultra-hip London premises of renowned audio & video solutions resellers, Jigsaw24.


    Merging Technologies, Digigram, Senior Technologist, Audio Engineering Society, AES Standards Working Group on Digital Audio, RAVENNA, AES67, AoIP

  • March 15th 2017

    Major world events depend on Pyramix and Horus

    CCTV record all major national and international events in China. Merging’s Pyramix and RAVENNA networked I/O is now an essential part of their infrastructure.

    Pyramix, MassCore, Horus

    Pyramix, MassCore, Horus, G20, CCTV, China, Broadcast

  • January 20th 2017

    MERGING+NADAC Provides The Missing Link For Ross A’hern

    One of Australia’s most respected recording engineers uses MERGING+NADAC as the ideal bridge between recreational and professional listening.

    Horus, Hapi, Pyramix, MERGING+NADAC, NADAC PLAYER

    High Resolution Audio, Hi-Res, Immersive audio, Surround, Ross A’hern, DSD, DXD, SACD, MERGING+NADAC, NADAC PLAYER, Pyramix, Merging Technologies, Horus, Hapi,, Leading Australian sound engineer

  • January 13th 2017

    An Exceptionally Successful 2016 For Unamas And Mick Sawaguchi

    Immersive audio enhances the audio experience and 9.1 recordings are now available. See how one award winning Japanese engineer is achieving wonderful results and winning awards.

    Horus, Hapi, Pyramix

    Immersive audio, Surround, Professional Music Recording Award of Japan’s prize for Best Surround Recording, Mick Sawaguchi, DSD, DXD, Pyramix, Merging Technologies, Horus, Hapi

  • December 20th 2016

    Merging Technologies Launches New Benchmark A/D Card

    Merging’s President, Claude Cellier heads up the hardware design team and had this to say; “We were always proud of what we achieved with the original AD8D series but the new AKD8D has unprecedented specifications both in terms of precision and neutrality. We know this is the cleanest mic preamplifier and the most discriminating converter we have ever designed. One of our challenges these days is that these specs are starting to exceed those of the test gear so we rely on our users to tell us how good they really are. We are confident that our usual selection of Grammy® winners are going to give us the thumbs up.”

    Horus, Hapi

    A/D Conversion, A/D, ADC, DSD, DXD, Horus, Hapi, pristine recordings, professional, RAVENNA

  • November 23rd 2016

    Beijing Film Academy Continues To Invest In Merging Technologies Solutions

    The Beijing Film Academy has been a Merging customer for many years, so it is no surprise that it depends on Pyramix, MassCore and Horus for 3D Audio research and in the main dubbing studio.

    Pyramix, Horus, MassCore

    RAVENNA/AES67, Pyramix, MassCore, DAW, DSD, DXD, Beijing Film Academy

  • November 15th 2016

    Nicolas Sturmel Joins Merging Technologies

    Audio over IP expert assumes new role of Senior Technologist

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, RAVENNA, AOIP

    Merging Technologies, Senior Technologist, Audio Engineering Society, AES Standards Working Group on Digital Audio

  • November 14th 2016

    United Post-Production Adopts The Best Of Both Worlds

    Leading events facilities company in the Netherlands marries Pyramix to AMS-Neve Genesys Black. Hybrid at its best.

    Pyramix, Horus

    A/D D/A Conversion, AMS-Neve Genesys, United Facilities, Pyramix, DAW

  • November 2nd 2016

    3D Panning from Merging rings a Bell (EN)

    Canada’s largest multimedia company is preparing for new TV standards with immersive audio using Merging’s audio tools

    Pyramix, Ovation, Hapi

    3D panning, Pyramix, Ovation, immersive, Atmos, Auro 3D, ATSC 3.0, AES 67, AC4

  • November 2nd 2016

    Le Panning 3D de Merging (FR)

    Bell Media, entreprise multimédia leader au Canada, se prepare aux nouveaux standards TV contenant de l'audio immersive avec les outils de Merging.

    Pyramix, Ovation, Hapi

    3D panning, Pyramix, Ovation, immersive, Atmos, Auro 3D, ATSC 3.0, AES67, AC4

  • September 13th 2016

    Merging and b<>com are presenting a complete solution to improve immersion through sound

    New Ambisonic plug-in from b<>com benefits from 3D Panner in Pyramix.

    Pyramix, MassCore

    Immersive audio, Ambisonics, 3D sound, Pyramix

  • March 30th 2016

    Merging Gets In The Mix At The Grammys®

    Merging’s usual Grammy® success had an added bonus for AES Student prize winner.

    Pyramix, Horus, Hapi

    Pyramix, Merging, Grammy, Horus, Hapi, AES, DXD, DSD

  • January 25th 2016

    Merging Technologies Continues To Celebrate 25th Year

    New RAVENNA/AES67 Virtual Audio Device is free of charge download allowing Mac control of RAVENNA and AES67 networked audio devices. Free Pyramix Essentials with Horus and Hapi.

    Pyramix, MassCore, Horus, Hapi

    RAVENNA/AES67, Pyramix, Horus, NADAC, Hapi, DSD, DSD256, DXD

  • January 21st 2016

    Golden Start For AES Student Prizewinner

    Horus and Pyramix key to student’s plans to go it alone. An AES prize and Grammy® nomination is a great start.

    Pyramix, Horus

    Networked Audio, Pyramix, Grammy, Horus, AES, DSD, DXD, Win

  • December 15th 2015

    New World Symphony - Order Merging System

    America’s premier Orchestral Academy re-equips with Merging DSD capable gear, Eucon connected to Avid S6 and S3 consoles. RAVENNA/AES67 is an important factor.

    Pyramix, MassCore, Horus, Hapi

    Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore, Horus, Hapi, DSD, New World Center

  • November 27th 2015

    Merging Provides Upgrade For BBC Studios And Post Production

    When it comes to the UK’s most popular entertainment shows, only Pyramix and Horus can meet the demands. The BBC and Red TX need track count and reliability.

    Pyramix, Horus, Masscore, VCube

    Strictly Come Dancing, George Lucas, Elstree Studios, Pyramix, MassCore, Horus

  • November 17th 2015

    Horus Converters Are Part Of The Mix At iZotope Studios

    iZotope’s new recording studios picked Horus as the ideal networked audio solution to test new programs at their new Cambridge MA HQ facility.


    RAVENNA, iZotope, Merging Technologies, Mic pre, Horus, AES67, A/D, D/A

  • July 4th 2015

    Prestige Installations for Merging in Poland

    Old institutions in Poland with new spectacular buildings find that only Merging can offer the high resolution recording features that they need. Orchestras and students can record in DSD.

    Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, MassCore, Sphynx

    Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, Tango 2, MassCore, DSD/DXD, Sphynx

  • July 3rd 2015

    More Than 400 Hapi Customers

    Hapi has taken the industry by storm and, in less than a year, is rapidly catching up with sales of Horus which is maintaining its position as the pinnacle of converter technology.

    Pyramix, Horus, NADAC, Hapi

    Networked Audio Interface, Merging, RAVENNA, Horus, AES67, Hapi, ADAT, DSD, DXD, AD, DA

  • June 25th 2015

    Merging Technologies Distribution Changes

    Merging Sweden and PENMAC are the newly appointed distributors for Sweden and South Africa

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi

    Networked Audio Interfaces, Pyramix, Ovation, Merging, Distribution, reseller, sales

  • June 5th 2015

    Merging Technologies at INFOCOMM 2015

    Immersive or 3D Audio is becoming an essential to engage and excite audiences. Merging brings this to InfoComm with Ovation 6

    Ovation, Pyramix, Horus, Hapi

    Immersive Audio, Pyramix, Ovation, 3D Audio, Horus, AES67, Hapi, 3D panning

  • May 22nd 2015

    Merging Technologies NADAC Stars in T.H.E. Show

    NADAC will be on show in the Boardroom/Thinktank and in Room 441 at T.H.E Show, Newport from 29-31 May.

    NADAC, Horus, Hapi

    Audiophile, NADAC, Network Attached Digital to Analog Converter, DSD, DXD, Hi Res, DAC, Hi-fi, THE Show Newport

  • May 8th 2015

    Merging Technologies NADAC Launches In Munich

    Swiss manufacturer Merging Technologies will launch their audiophile D/A converter, NADAC, at the High End Show, Hall 3 on stand J05/K08 in Munich on May 14.

    NADAC, Horus, Hapi

    Audiophile, NADAC, Network Attached Digital to Analog Converter, DSD, DXD, Hi Res, DAC, Hi-fi

  • March 20th 2015

    Quality Matters At Starmount Studio

    This hidden gem of a studio in Kuala Lumpur has discovered the advantages of Pyramix and Horus in the move to Hi-Res Audio

    Pyramix, Masscore, Horus

    Pyramix, Pro Tools, MassCore, Horus, DSD, DAW

  • January 26th 2015

    Merging Technologies at ISE 2015

    New panning enhancements to Ovation and Pyramix address industry requirements for more dynamic and immersive sound design. Networked Audio come of age with Hapi and Horus.

    Ovation, Pyramix, Horus, Hapi

    MassCore, Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, RAVENNA, AES67, Museum

  • December 19th 2014

    Hapi(ness) Arrives In Mexico

    The arrival of the first Hapi in Mexico coincided with a busy few months of diverse recording sessions for Juan Switalski. In the middle of this, he was nominated for a Latin Grammy®.

    Pyramix, Hapi

    RAVENNA, Pyramix, Grammy, Hapi

  • December 12th 2014

    Audiences Love The Sound Of DXD

    DXD in a live concert made the difference for Gino Paoli’s team and for the audience. The use of Ovation and Pyramix provides the highest quality mixing and recording with a compact system.

    MassCore, Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi

    MassCore, Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, DSD, DXD

  • November 27th 2014

    Merging's Ovation Adds Realism To First World War

    The 100th Anniversary of the First World War was the motivation to refit the display at London’s Imperial War Museum. Idee und Klang’s sound design needed a server to create the atmosphere.

    Ovation, Pyramix

    Medialon, Ovation, Pyramix, Dataton, 7th Sense, 3D Panner

  • November 12th 2014

    Merging Participates In INTER BEE 2014

    Merging regularly supports DSP Japan at Inter BEE but this year there is a particular focus on RAVENNA/AES67. First major showing of Hapi and the 3D Panner are the product highlights.

    Pyramix, Horus, Hapi

    Pyramix, RAVENNA, Auro 3D, Horus, AES67, Hapi

  • October 27th 2014

    Dallas Symphony Orchestra Re-Equips With Merging

    Dallas joins the illustrious list of prestigious venues that have embraced Merging’s Networked Audio Interfaces

    Pyramix, Horus, Hapi

    RAVENNA/AES67, Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, DSD, DXD

  • October 14th 2014

    Merging Technologies Announces 3D Panner Developement

    Pure Audio Blu-ray discs featuring Auro-3D® highlights the need for 3D panning. Pyramix is the recording, mixing and mastering tool used by the originators of this exciting development.

    Pyramix, Ovation

    Immersive sound, Pure Audio Blu-ray, Pyramix, Ovation, 3D-Audio, Auro-3D

  • October 1st 2014

    Astesuono Finds Horus The Ideal Partner

    Another high profile Pro Tools user finds Horus the perfect partner


    Networked Audio Interface, Avid Pro Tools HDX, Musikverein, ECM Records, Horus

  • September 24th 2014

    NHK Invests In Hapi AND Horus

    Japan’s national broadcaster has ordered Merging’s Networked Audio Converters, Horus and Hapi. Premium I/O cards ensure top performance at higher sampling rates.

    Horus, Hapi

    Networked Audio Converters, Pro Tools, Horus, Hapi, API, NHK

  • September 9th 2014

    Merging Has Major Product Enhancements At IBC 2014

    New ADA8 combination AD/DA for Hapi and Horus, plus software updates for Pyramix, Ovation and VCube make for an exciting IBC 2014 for Merging.

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, Iris

    IBC2014, IBC 2014, CoreAudio, RAVENNA, Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, Hapi, Iris, MADI, ASIO, DAW, DSD, DXD

  • August 25th 2014

    Merging Displays Full Product Range At BIRTV

    China’ s major broadcast equipment exhibition sees Merging display the full range with HDAVS as new partners

    Pyramix, Horus, VCube, Hapi

    BIRTV2014, BIRTV 2014, Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, VCube, Hapi

  • August 7th 2014

    Horus And Ravenna Saves The Concert In Rio

    Pyramix and Horus not only recorded one of 2014’s most important concerts but disaster was averted by using RAVENNA Audio over IP. The satellite uplink was broadcast to more than 50 countries.


    Domingo, Lang Lang, World Cup, Pyramix, RAVENNA, Horus, Brazil, MADI, Rio

  • July 15th 2014

    Hapi Is Happy To Be Over 100

    The new Hapi from Merging Technologies is the most cost effective way to combine highest quality audio with the advantages of RAVENNA/AES67 networking. Small wonder it is selling rapidly.

    Hapi, Horus

    RAVENNA, Audio over IP, CoreAudio, Horus, Hapi, AES67, ASIO, DAW

  • July 10th 2014

    Ovation For La Galaxy

    Ovation has transformed StubHub Center. The ability to handle a mix of pre-recorded and live streams and remove the need for a mixer reduces cost, simplifies the installation and operation.


    Audio and Event Sequencer, Ovation, LA Galaxy, StubHub

  • June 26th 2014

    Horus Plays Nicely With Pro Tools

    Merging’s Networked Audio Converters play nice with all DAWs thanks to the CoreAudio and ASIO drivers. Futura were blown away with the difference a Horus makes to their Pro Tools HDX rig.

    Horus, Pyramix, MassCore

    Pyramix, MassCore, Horus, Pro Tools, DAW, HDX

  • June 13th 2014

    Horus Joins The Walk To Fisterra

    Loan of Horus and Pyramix allows recordings of 36 concerts in sacred building during this unique journey through Spain. Bach Cello Suites will be recorded in DXD to preserve sonic integrity.

    Pyramix, Horus

    Microphone preamplifiers, A/D converters, Pyramix, Grammy, Horus, DSD256, DXD

  • June 10th 2014

    Delta Sound Discovers The Power Of Ovation

    Top event equipment supplier, Delta Sound, finds Merging’s Ovation and Horus are the ideal combo for 24.2 surround audio delivery for major product launch.

    Ovation, Pyramix, Horus

    Event Sequencer, Olympics, Ovation, Pyramix, Horus

  • June 1st 2014

    New Distribution For Merging Technologies in Canada

    HHB Canada takes over distribution of Merging products in Canada from July 1st. HHB will be the point of contact for Hapi, Horus, Pyramix, VCube and Ovation sales

    Pyramix, Ovation, Horus

    Merging Technologies, Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, HHB

  • April 2nd 2014

    Iris Blooms For KBS

    New workflows demand innovative solutions so it was no surprise that KBS looked to Merging Technologies to provide them with three Iris Networked Post Systems.

    Pyramix, MassCore, Horus, VCube, Iris

    Pyramix, MassCore, Horus, VCube, Tango 2, Iris

  • March 20th 2014

    NAB Sees First US Showing of Hapi

    US launch of the Hapi AES67 converter headlines a stellar display of new products at NAB

    Pyramix, MassCore, Ovation, Horus, VCube, Hapi

    RAVENNA, Pyramix, Ovation, Horus, VCube, AES67, Hapi

  • March 3rd 2014

    DXD Captures The Magic of Mahler

    Merging Technologies’ Pyramix and Horus were used on the largest DXD (352.8 kHz/24 bit) recording to date.

    Pyramix, Horus, MassCore

    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore, Horus, SACD, DXD

  • January 28th 2014

    Top Grammy® Awards Go To Pyramix Devotees

    Pyramix features on the primary 2014 Classical Grammy Awards again but this year Pyramix plays a major part in all the most prestigious non-Classical awards, thanks to Gateway Mastering and Daft Punk.

    Pyramix, Horus

    Gateway Mastering, Daft Punk, Pyramix, Horus, Grammy

  • January 23rd 2014

    Pyramix Storms The 56th Grammy® Award Nominations

    Nominations for the 56th Grammy® Awards reveal the usual cluster of Pyramix classical recordings, but the success of top mastering facilities using Merging’s DAW is breath-taking.

    Pyramix, Horus

    Networked Audio Converter, Pyramix, Grammy, Merging, Horus, DSD, DXD

  • January 9th 2014

    VCube Hits The Spot Again With Soundtrack New York

    Leading East Coast post production provider, the Soundtrack Group recently opened their brand new Stage K mixing facility; the first and currently only Dolby Atmos room on the East Coast. The choice of the VCube HD Player/Recorder to run the projection was based on their previous experience The faster operation, multiple video codec support and all digital workflow, makes VCube the obvious solution once more.


    VCube HD Player/Recorder, Dolby Atmos, Soundtrack Group

  • January 8th 2014

    Aéroville Shopping Centre Sets The Mood With Ovation

    New shopping mall at Charles de Gaulle Airport depends on Ovation to provide multi-zone playback to suit the different themed areas. A simple solution to a complex sound challenge. Innovative French sound design company, hého, finds that Merging Technologies has the answer to the brief from Europe’s largest commercial property company.


    Ovation, Merging Technologies, Audio Installation

  • December 16th 2013

    Mick Sawaguchi, Horus and Pyramix Makes for a Stellar Recording

    Mick Sawaguchi was the first Pyramix user in Japan and has now made the first recording in Japan featuring Horus. His recording of Jun Fukamachi’s last album has just been awarded the prize for Best Hi –Resolution Recording at The Professional Music Recording Award of JAPAN. Mick is very famous in Japan as a long serving employee of NHK, a major figure in the AES and as “Surround Shogun”, presenting many workshops and teaching at two of Japan’s best known universities.

    Horus, Pyramix, RAVENNA, MassCore

    Horus, Pyramix, RAVENNA, Hi-Res, NHK, AES

  • December 10th 2013

    Merging Technologies at ISE 2014

    ISE is the premier European exhibition for A/V, installed audio and video and live events. Merging’s successful expansion into this market has seen solid growth with innovative products like Ovation. ISE 2014 see 64 bit native processing further enhancing performance of Ovation and Pyramix. RAVENNA networking will feature strongly with Horus and a new addition to the product family. Merging can demonstrate how Ovation can fulfil the requirements of sound and systems designers for any production, large or small.

    Hapi, Horus, Pyramix, Ovation

    Ovation, Horus, Pyramix, ISE, RAVENNA, MassCore, 64 bit, Networked Audio

  • November 19th 2013

    New AD8D and AD8DP Mic/Line Input Cards For Horus

    The first upgrade to the Horus Networked Audio Converter sees the addition of a direct analogue output connector to the AD8 series input cards. This allows other recording or sound reinforcement consoles to be sent a feed post mic-preamplifier. Ideal for making recordings at different sampling rates.

    Horus, Pyramix, RAVENNA

    AD8DP, AD8D, AD8P, AD8, AD converter, News, Press Releases, News Story, Audio Pro Solutions, DAW, hi-res, high resolution audio, Merging Technologies, Pyramix, Horus Networked Converter, RAVENNA