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Pyramix 8.1; “Recording Redefined”

  Merging Technologies’ new software release extends creative horizons

Puidoux, August 2013: Software beta testers are an essential part of any development program and the loyal band of Pyramix users are typically more used to telling the developer what is not working, so when you get a stream of incoming mails with complimentary remarks about new features, something rather unusual just happened. Pyramix 8.1 is a combination of a number of parallel developments culminating at the same time to advance, not only the quality of recorded sound, but to also change the way in which it is recorded. Unlocking the extraordinary power of the Horus Networked Audio Converter has been a key part of this process and from now any Pyramix update is inextricably linked to Horus. So what did they say?

“Take Logger: AWESOME!!
Media Markers: AWESOME!
Preview Mode Automation: AWESOME!!
Mixer: Excellent access to PreAmp directly from the console, the Pre/Post Effects recording button is great.
So much new stuff for my first hands on, keep pushing :-)”
It really is amazing what you guys have come up with this round! Congrats.

“Thanks for announcing the Marker features for the next Pyramix software. Honestly, I am overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities.”

“I first of all want to thank everyone there for introducing the DSD Render feature. Short of DXD sampling rates of 705.6kHz (or higher), this is the most useful and important feature for my work.”

“Some very good news with Beta 3, for me automation preview and the markers in clips are awesome!”

“I just did a recording now with a MacBook running Windows with Pyramix Native and yes you are right, it worked very well that way. We recorded both to Pro Tools over MADI (our business as usual) and with RAVENNA to the Pyramix; 3 Days recording, no problem. ONE NOTE TO END: ON THIS SESSION, RECORDING A VERY EXCLUSIVE DEL JESU VIOLIN WITH A GREAT PLAYER, WE AGAIN DID SOME TESTS TO SEE IF WE CAN FIND OTHER PREAMPS ETC. HORUS AGAIN WON CLEARLY; THE DIFFERENCE TO THE OTHER PREAMP WAS SO BIG THAT THE MUSICIAN AND PRODUCER COULD NOT BELIEVE THAT THE ONLY DIFFERENCE THAT THEY HEARD WAS THE PREAMP ALONE (BUT THAT WAS THE CASE):)”

“The new markers and take logger are great. They're really going to make editing a lot faster.”

Pyramix V8.1
Most of the comments quoted here refer to workflow improvements that have immediately struck the user as something that really impacts his daily life. The remarkable fact is that these are relatively minor improvements compared with some of the other new features:

  • DSD256 recording capability. DSD64/128/256 plus DXD and 384 kHz ensures a choice of the highest quality formats. No other audio workstation comes close to this many options for high and extreme resolution recordings.
  • Multiple and Post FX Background Recorders. A phenomenally flexible way to record multiple sources. Recording Post FX is now available in traditional recordings in the timeline. A long awaited feature for the mastering engineer.
  • Record Pre-Buffering. Never miss the start of a recording again.
  • Edit/Mix/Master While in Record. As soon as you start recording, you can drag it onto the timeline and start working. Multiple recordings can be simultaneously edited. Fantastic for archiving or journalism.
  • Take Logger/Metadata Window. A single location for all your session information. Can be edited and displayed to the orchestra during recording. Great for scoring engineers.
  • Media Based Markers. Mark takes and rate performances and store in the media file which will be “stuck” to the take even after editing. The rating is displayed on every clip to allow easy retrieval of marked portions when editing, drastically speeding up take selection. A huge bonus for classical editing.
  • RAVENNA to ASIO Device Bridging. The already drastically simplified connectivity of RAVENNA gets another boost with this killer feature. Using the secondary bridge means that local monitoring and talkback can be implemented when Horus is being used as a remote stagebox. An easy to achieve and very cost effective solution that can only be achieved with Audio over IP.
  • Horus Mic-Pre Control from Mixers and Remote Surfaces. Easy control from the Pyramix mixer with the ability to save settings dramatically simplifies your session.
  • ISRC in BWAV Metadata Support. In response to industry demands, the ISRC code is embedded in the metadata so downloads have the same information as the CD.
  • Interleaved, Multi-Mono and Split by Strip Recordings. This third choice allows the recording to be split by strip type to the corresponding files.
  • Control of Horus Mic Pre-Amp in Pro Tools. Control Horus from Pro Tools HD and Native. The amazing sound quality and convenience of Horus can be enjoyed by any DAW user with added transparent features.
  • Prosoniq MPEX4 and Dirac Integration. The latest and the best time and pitch shifting programs are in Pyramix 8.1. The vast complement of VS3 and VST plug-ins make any recording or post assignment possible.

    Recording Redefined

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