Software Packs

No matter what the workflow, there is a Pyramix Pack perfectly suited for creating world-class products in any audio discipline. Check out below what Pyramix can offer you, regardless of your workflow.

Pyramix Native


A low cost version for any Pyramix user, this version brings the basics without having to spend on any bells and whistles. Perfect as a craft editor, basic mastering station, field recorder or any other smaller endeavour, Pyramix Essentials is a great tool.


The perfect tool for acoustic music production, radio production and mastering. Pyramix software is the award winning workstation used by most of the world’s most respected acoustical sound engineers. With Pyramix Native, Merging Technologies brings you all the tools you will need to capture, edit, mix and master your next music production in a cost effective solution.


When you need more power, more tracks and higher sample rates, you need to go Pro. Pyramix Native Pro offers and extended feature set for use in music and music mastering as well as post production for radio film and TV, matched with sample rate support up to 384 kHz and DXD/DSD256!

Pyramix MassCore


When latency starts to count and being able to rely on a stable, proprietary DSP engine is what your studio needs… MassCore is the answer. Pyramix MassCore Standard comes with a basic set of software features along with possibly the lowest guaranteed latency from In->Out ever seen and native engine connectivity to RAVENNA & AES67 AoIP technology.


If you are a professional, then get the Pyramix pack designed for you. Not only do you get the advantages of MassCore’s power and low latency, but you also get almost every advanced software tool Pyramix has to offer. MassCore Pro also offers truly extended 3D. Able to create speaker outputs in configurations up to 128 speakers allows users to explore the world of immersive audio in ways never possible before.


When Track count starts to matter as well, and you not only need to guarantee blisteringly low latencies, but also immense I/O capabilities, then MassCore Extended is the choice for you. With extended track count possibilities (3x that of MassCore Pro!) along with and additional multi-core MassCore Engine, this is by far the most powerful DAW you will ever find.

Pyramix pack updates

Regarding Pyramix Native Essentials (MSP-NAT-ESS), not only did we massively reduce the price (see your Merging Sales Partner for details) of the entry-level Pyramix Essentials but also wanted to make it more palatable by including the following options right away in that basic version:

  • Remote Control (EMC: HUI / Oasis Econony Class)
  • Pow-r Redithering
  • Advanced Interchange (Sonic Solutions /OpenTL Import/FCP XML)

All new MSP-NAT-ESS keys generated after December 1st 2017 will include the above additional options. Existing MSP-NAT-ESS customers under current ASM are also eligible to have their keys enhanced accordingly upon demand.

And if that wasn't already enough improvement, instead of limiting the MSP-NAT-ESS to just stereo busses , we expand its functionality up to 5.1 busses , allowing basic Surround work, while making it also suitable for respectable Immersive projects by doubling its max. channel count from 24 to 48 (at 1FS).
Note: These two expanded features are available starting with Pyramix V11.1 version, and in all following versions.

It doesn't stop there however, as we also enhanced both Pyramix Native Standard (MSP-NAT-STD) and Pyramix MassCore Standard (MSP-MSC-STD) with following additional options:

  • Pow-r Redithering
  • DDP Creation
  • Advanced Interchange (Sonic Solutions /OpenTL Import/FCP XML)

While increasing their max. buss types from 5.1 to 7.1.
Note: this buss type change is only implemented and available as of Pyramix V11.1 version and above.

Pyramix Native Pro (MSP-NAT-PRO) also will see its max. buss type increased from 9.1 to 22.2 (has been implemented and available as of the release of Pyramix V11.1 version, and in all future versions.)

Pyramix Packs Details

Pyramix Pack Details - 2018

Note concerning video support:

All Pyramix Packs excluding the Native Essential Pack will include Video support for the following formats and codecs:

  • Mov: ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422 LT, ProRes 422 Proxy, DV25, DV50, H264
  • Mp4: H264
  • MXF: DV25, DV50

Supported Optional codecs that come at an additional cost to the Pyramix pack:

Recommendations :

  • To avoid memory consumption and impact on audio performance, work with intra-frame proxy files whenever possible (DNxHD, ProRes, DV)
  • H264 and MPEG2 codecs are not recommended for editing (not intra frame)
  • MPEG2SD/IMX and MPEG2HD/XDCAM HD are supported by Pyramix in the .mov or .mxf file formats but not in .mpeg
  • Video files should be on separate drive, especially for heavy Pyramix projects
  • AVI and MPEG(or mpg) containers not supported.
  • 10bit DNxHD is not supported (performance issue)
    DNxHD 75-120 is currently not supported
  • H264 is an optional codec for Encoding that can be done via VCube Render only.
    Decoding H264 (playback) does not require any additional authorization key.

Pyramix Packs Plugins list

For information on what plugins are included in which packs, see the Pyramix Packs Plugin list on our knowledge base.