Ovation is the Media Server and Sequencer from Merging Technologies. Originally developed for theme park use, Ovation has evolved to be the leading solution for many applications in AV. It has also been used extensively as a playout solution for live-to-air broadcast. Since its introduction, the ability to handle many tracks of audio and route to many outputs, has made it the perfect tool for immersive audio. It is further enhanced by interfacing intelligently with industry standard show control and video servers for the ultimate customer experience.


Outstanding stability

The ability to work all day everyday is a combination of robust software working with well specified hardware.  Merging's experience over many years has established an unrivaled reputation for reliability in live event recording. Ovation sees that experience being translated into playout to deliver the show 24/7.

Modularity from small installations to huge events

Ovation comes in three flavors to suit any application. Complex immersive museum or theme park displays may need additional interfaces, complex mixing and many channels of I/O, whereas a small theatre or multimedia display may just need a simple Native system to run reliably with the simplest of user interfaces. Whatever the application, there is an Ovation system that will fit your needs and budget. 

Low latency

Ovation lets you mix live sound with prerecorded so it follows that latency is not an issue. You can also add your favorite plugins for real-time effects allowing show designers new levels of interactivity between the playback system and the live performers. 

High Quality

Merging pretty much wrote the book on how to make digital audio sound amazing. Ovation lets you use any sampling rate up to DSD256 and has one of the best sample rate converters anywhere.  You can import files in any format to cater for last minute changes and Pyramix lets you mix these with ease.

Pyramix DAW for cue editing

Pyramix is an award winning DAW that comes with your Ovation system. This is the perfect tool for designing your show and quickly and easily changing cues or levels.  The ability to drag your show from Ovation back to Pyramix ensures that changes can be made easily on location with the cast and crew waiting. Pyramix has a powerful mixer with 3D panning, VS3 and VST plugin support, loads of audio tracks and busses and can handle any eventuality.  External mixers can easily be integrated with Eucon or HUI control. The combination of Ovation and Pyramix is uniquely powerful and flexible to really improve the speed and accuracy of show assembly.