VCube HD Video Player/Recorder

VCube 10.1 is only available on request. Merging is phasing out this product, and this release is planned to be the last version available. Video integration within Pyramix 14.1 now encompasses all the necessary features for sound production in a picture environment, rendering VCube no longer necessary.

VCube: 4K playback & H.264 render/wrap

Capture and Compile from Anywhere

Whether it is a linear ingest from tape or a compilation of various files types, codecs and sequences from an array of sources, VCubeHD has all the tools to ensure that prep for the dubbing stage is an easy task every time.

OMF/AAF/MXF/FCP XML/P2 XML sequence Import

VCubeHD can vastly increase workflow speeds by allowing the import of un-embedded file sequences from almost any type of video NLE available today. Using and industry standard interchange format, audio post rooms can have almost instance access to the newest edits, without having to wait for composition renders from the offline or online editors.

Huge Codec Support List

This is what people want out of a video tool in the audio world. When users receive a file from video editors or outside clients, it is such a nice thing to never have to say “umm.. Sorry but could I get you to re-render this with codec XYZ?”. Instead, just get to work.

9pin Remote Machine Control

Control remote tape decks, complete with auto edit functionality and make control over linear tape machines something that doesn’t require any additional equipment.

The Ultimate in Timeline Flexibility

Mix file types, frame rates, codecs and aspect ratios, interleaved and progressive and resolutions on a single timeline. A full feature set allowing the transparent usage of almost anything that the video people bring to the dub.

Synchronised Video Playback

In the theatre, VCube is the ultimate replacement for the video tape player-recorder. An incredibly simple and easy to use timeline and presets for complex configurations make this the ultimate video tool for the audio engineer.

Sync with SMPTE(LTC)/MTC/9pin

No matter what DAW or system you are using, VCubeHD will slide perfectly and seamlessly alongside to create the ultimate video companion, no matter how you work. Video referenced to each frame edge, VCube guarantees that the video you see matches the audio you are working on. Sync with SMPTE(LTC)/MTC/9pin via a 3rd part adapter.

Picture in Picture Playback

Resize any video window on the fly and create instant comparison screens. An essential tool when working through reconforms or recording foley, picture in picture is the perfect companion to any post production workflow.

ADR Toolkit

Everything you need to provide informative video overlays to actors for even the most involved of ADR sessions. This feature also combines with Pyramix 11 to provide the most intuitive ADR system available.

Wrap, Render, Deliver

Back in the transfer room after the mix is finished, VCube becomes the final step in the chain. With a full set of tools for QC and digital delivery, VCube really is the Swiss-Army knife of the video for audio-post world.

Transcoding tools

No matter what you are provided, VCubeHD has the ability to output almost broadcast-ready files in almost any professional format and codec. The workhorse of the modern MCR, VCubeHD is the perfect final stage to any TV production.

Batch Render option

This feature turns VCubeHD into the perfect MAM (Media Asset Management) accessory. Able to create unlimited watch-folders and process wrapping, rendering and transcoding in a completely automated fashion, VCube Batch Render is essential in large broadcast facilities.

MXF “Cleaning”

MXF files have fast become the industry’s default delivery format. The issue that seems to keep coming up though is that everyone’s version of MXF seems to be different! VCubeHD developers have worked long hours to ensure that MXF files passed through the wrap and render tools come out able to be played on MXF capable device.