MassCore and Native versions

To be able to provide professional tools, a digital audio workstation must strive to provide seamless integration between versions, while allowing those who need it to be able to concentrate immense power in a single system as well as ensuring that those with a limited budget are not prevented from completing professional-grade work.

Pyramix MassCore

Say hello to the technology that provides what is truly the most powerful audio engine on the market today. Able to process up to 384 discreet Inputs and Outputs (768 simultaneous) and able to work at samplerates up to 384 kHz and even DSD256, which is a completely unique ability in the DAW world. For engineers who need the best, Pyramix MassCore is the ultimate choice.

Pyramix Native

All the editing, mixing and mastering capabilities of the MassCore system, but without the need for dedicated Merging I/O. When budgets dictate a smaller scale solution or system requirements are such that the power of MassCore is not essential, Pyramix Native is the perfect answer.

MassCore with RAVENNA

The native connection to all Pyramix MassCore systems and Merging Audio interfaces is now RAVENNA IP Audio. This means that rather than simply create a linear connection between DAW and I/O the MassCore is able to connect directly into a RAVENNA AoIP network.

Native with RAVENNA

Native users won’t miss out on RAVENNA technology, as Merging have also developed a Virtual RAVENNA driver for use with Pyramix or any other DAW for that matter. Whether MassCore or Native, RAVENNA implementation means that audio connectivity in the Pyramix world has truly become For the Networking Age.

MassCore with Horus/Hapi

Should the MassCore system require dedicated I/O thoughout, Merging have also come prepared with what is fast becoming the most sought after audio interfaces on the market. Ability to address every possible in and out of the Horus or Hapi units (and even multiple units on the same network) puts unbelievable power at MassCore users fingertips

Native with Horus/Hapi

Native users can still enjoy all of the features of Merging's industry changing Horus/Hapi Networked Audio Interface. Using the ASIO Virtual Sound Driver, Pyramix Native is able to address 64 inputs and 64 outputs simultaneously with no limitations on the remote control of the analogue stage in the Horus/Hapi itself.

Find out more about our Horus and Hapi interfaces