Annual Software Maintenance

Annual Software Maintenance is commonplace in many industry sectors so it should be no surprise that Merging Technologies believes that it is a responsibility we have to our customers to offer the best support in the most effective and cost efficient way to keep your system performing at its best.

For a modest annual fee, you can enjoy free software updates and a whole host of other benefits.

Important Notification!

Please note since version 9.1 Mykerinos (MB or X series) are not suported anymore. As later versions are 64bit only releases, you are restricted to using the new RAVENNA-based MassCore or Native systems only. Any current ASM’s will continue to allow you access to support, but upgrades to the new versions of software must be made on a 64bit operating system.

Please contact your local Merging Technologies representative in order to discuss the best way for you to upgrade your systems today.

ASM, how does it Work

The first year of ownership includes the first year of ASM and the value of renewing this on the anniversary of your purchase should be apparent after your 12 months. Merging or your local sales partner will be sending reminders before the ASM expires. This will happen on the anniversary of the purchase date for as long as you have your equipment. Should the ASM be allowed to expire, there are ways to get back on the program that offer positive incentives.

The Benefits

  • Free Pyramix/Ovation/VCube updates for the whole year including new full releases. (Note: please read the 'Important Notification' paragraph above, upgrades will not be possible for our legacy Mykerinos 32 bit hardware)
  • Upgrade of all the packs to include all the latest options. For example, if we decide to include an option in a pack, you will get this free of charge as soon as your key is reissued after the ASM renewal. This benefit alone can add up to be more than 3 times the cost of the ASM.
  • Access to the Merging Technical Support Hotline free of charge.
  • Free key transfers and name changes.
  • Free RTX64 keys issued to MassCore customers when moving from 32 to 64 bit operation (must be in possession of SSK-SUD).
  • The reassurance that your system will always be up to date. Notifications will be sent out regularly when updates, Hot Fixes or new options are available for download.
  • Peace of mind that you can get help when you need it.

** Note: Merging strives to constantly improve all its products but we do not guarantee that every year will see a full chargeable release. **

ASM helps with legacy updates as well

If you have earlier versions of any Merging software and have not joined the ASM program or have let it lapse, we make it easy to come on board. Just to stress how beneficial ASM can be to customers with older versions who want to upgrade to the latest release, you only pay for the last upgrade and all the previous version ups are free of charge if you take the ASM at the same time.

If you choose not to, all the updates you missed will be charged.

Signing up for ASM offers a huge saving and all future upgrades happen automatically. You do not have to budget for a release with an unspecified release date. You will have also benefitted from several extremely nice additions to your existing packs.

  • 30% discount on upgrades going from the previous version to the latest full release (except if you need to upgrade from older versions).
  • Upgrades from older versions (eg. two or three versions back from the latest) do also benefit with free-of-charge sequential upgrades to the latest version. Only the upgrade to the latest release is charged if the ASM is ordered simultaneously.

Technical Support Hotlines

Your first call would be to the local reseller that sold you your Merging system. The knowledge we place with our local, native speaking representatives is always the best first stop.

But, as a second line, You also have access to Merging’s support line in Switzerland if you choose to use it. Please note that this is only available Monday to Friday during normal working hours for the Central European time zone. Our support engineer will want to check that you have a valid ASM and obviously you need to have all of your system information to hand to assist with your problem.