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John Newton, Mark Donahue and Blanton Alspaugh - Soundmirror, Boston, USA

  • February 19th 2024
  • Soundmirror, John Newton, Mark Donahue, Blanton Alspaugh, Orchestral Recordings, DXD, Pyramix

How Merging has been key to the success of one of the world's most important orchestral recording companies

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Lewis Chapman - The Ranch, Southampton, UK

  • January 17th 2024
  • The Ranch, Immersive at the Ranch, Lewis Chapman, Geoff Swan, Neumann, KH310, KH750, KH120, KH80, Merging Technologies, Hapi, Anubis, Dolby Atmos, Immersive, Caroline Polachek, Ed Sheeran, Yungblud

‘Immersive at the Ranch’ relies on stand-out mixing technology from Merging Technologies and Neumann.

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Bastian Gerner - The Foley Teacher, Düsseldorf, Germany

  • December 14th 2023
  • The Foley Teacher, Bastian Gerner, Foley, Dolby Atmos, Merging Hapi, Merging Anubis, Neumann monitors, Neumann

The Foley Teacher on why products from Merging have become central to his creative process

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Amin Hamzianpour and Nicholas Sonuga - Qube, London, UK

  • November 30th 2023
  • Qube, Qube East, Amin Hamzianpour, Nicholas Sonuga, Dolby Atmos, London, Atmos Bundle, Emerging, Merging Anubis, Merging Hapi, Neumann

Merging helps power East London’s newest creative sanctuary

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Glenn A Tabor - Gat3 Productions, North Carolina, USA

  • November 20th 2023
  • Gat3 Productions, Gat3, Glenn Tabor, Susan Tabor, Merging Horus, Merging Anubis, Merging Hapi, Neumann microphones, Neumann, Sennheiser, Dolby Atmos

Merging Technologies makes its mark on Grammy award-winning studio

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Paul Novotny - Tiny Studio, Toronto, CA

  • October 10th 2023
  • Tiny Studio, Toronto, Paul Novotny, Dolby Atmos, Merging Technologies, Merging Anubis, Gamechanger, Hapi MkII, The Audio Producers, Jazz

Merging Technologies Delivers Atmos to Toronto’s Tiny Studio

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Rene Zingg - Soundville Media Studios, CH

  • July 11th 2023
  • Soundville Media Studios, Dolby Atmos, Merging Horus, Merging Hapi, Merging Anubis, Soundville

Looking to the future of Dolby Atmos at Soundville

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Chris Allen - UK

  • July 7th 2023
  • Chris Allen, UNKLE, Sonique, Merging Hapi MkII, Merging Anubis

Chris Allen on UNKLE, Sonique and the art of great library music

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Casey Stone - Freelance, UK

  • July 6th 2023
  • Casey Stone, Merging Hapi MkII, Merging Anubis, Scoring, Holywood, RAVENNA, Neumann

Industry talent Casey Stone mixes masterpiece scores with Merging Technologies

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Joshua Faulkner - Battery Studios, UK

  • July 5th 2023
  • Joshua Faulkner, Skepta, Merging Anubis, Battery Studios

Joshua Faulkner Harnesses the Intuitive Power of Merging Technologies

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Rusanda Panfili - Private studio, Austria

  • July 4th 2023
  • Rusanda Panfili, Merging Anubis, Merging Hapi, Hans Zimmerman, Violinist, Composer, Arranger

Rusanda Panfili on working with Hans Zimmer and taking the classical world by storm

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James Reynolds - Revival Records, UK

  • June 12th 2023
  • James Reynolds, Merging Anubis, Merging Hapi, BTS, Tinie Tempah, Disciples, Snoop Dogg, Zayn

James Reynolds relationship with Merging Technologies written in the stars

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Nic Hard - Home Studio, Spain

  • April 26th 2023
  • Nic Hard, Dolby Atmos, Merging Anubis, Merging Hapi, Mapi MkII, Sonarworks, SoundID Reference, Sonarworks, Snarky Puppy

Merging Technologies at the heart of Nic Hard’s Atmos Workflow

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Lance Powell - Woodshed Studios - Malibu, USA

  • March 14th 2023
  • Lance Powell, Woodshed Studios, Malibu, Dolby Atmos, Hapi, Anubis, Monitoring Mission

How HAPI and Anubis power the workflow of a Grammy-nominated mix engineer

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Stephen Marsh - Marsh Mastering Studio - USA

  • March 2nd 2023
  • Marsh Mastering, Stephen Marsh, Los Angeles, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Renderer, Anubis, Hapi, DSD, Pyramix, Mastering

Merging’s Anubis at the heart of award-winning mastering engineer’s workflow

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Christine Hufenbecher and Kenny Moran - Mobile Sessions Studio - USA

  • February 16th 2023
  • Dolby Atmos, Mobile Recording, Los Angeles, Mobile Sessions, Kenny Moran, Christine Hufenbecher, immersive, Merging gear, Anubis, Hapi

Mobile recording studio stands out from the crowd with Anubis & Hapi

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Eduardo Monteiro - Orquestra Petrobras Sinfônica - Brazil

  • November 18th 2022
  • Eduardo Monteiro , Orquestra Petrobras Sinfônica, Rio de Janeiro, RIO2C, Brasil, Vertentes, Vittor Santos, Ovation, Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, Anubis

When the show can't stop:
Eduardo Monteiro tells how Ovation ticked all the boxes for this important project

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V. Werner, P. Treiber & D. Menke - PDV Records - Vienna & Paris

  • May 28th 2022
  • Horus, Anubis, Merging Horus, Merging Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, MERGING+HORUS, PDV Records, Volker Werner, Philipp Treiber, David Menke, Vienna, Austria, Paris, France, Atmos, Dolby Atmos, mastered for Atmos, University of Music and Performing Arts

PDV Records makes the most of new Dolby Atmos setup with Horus and Anubis synergy

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Mauricio Gargel - Mauricio Gargel Audio Mastering - Brazil

  • March 2nd 2022
  • Hapi, Anubis, Merging Hapi, Merging Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, MERGING+HAPI, Maurico Gargel, Brazil, Atmos, Dolby Atmos, mastered for Atmos, PMC, Neumann

Mastering for immersive sound (3D), Object Based Audio (OBA), Dolby ATMOS, CD, internet, vinyl, music editing and recording restoration.

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Stefan Eichinger & Gerd Janson - & Running Back - Germany

  • January 27th 2022
  • Hapi, Anubis, Merging Hapi, Merging Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, MERGING+HAPI, LOPAZZ,, Running Back, Gerd Janson, Stefan Eichinger, Vinyl

These two creative individuals talk about their collaboration and the part that Merging RAVENNA interfaces play in the production process.

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Marc Thériault - Le Lab Mastering - Canada

  • September 22nd 2021
  • MERGING+HAPI, Hapi, Le Lab Mastering, Marc Thériault, Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, Dolby Atmos

Marc Thériault is establishing himself as one of the industry’s most promising mastering engineers, redefining boundaries with innovative techniques and approach. Thériault’s keen ability to grasp the essence of a project combined with his technical expertise allows him to develop the final creative touch for any musical genre.

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Doug Mitchell - San Francisco Opera - USA

  • June 23rd 2021
  • Horus, Pyramix, Anubis, MERGING+ANUBIS, Doug Mitchell, San Francisco Opera, RAVENNA, Hapi MkII, Opera, Drive-in

Merging’s RAVENNA infrastructure helps to keep productions going

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Harald Gericke - Platin Media Productions - Germany

  • May 5th 2021
  • MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Schiller, Harald Gericke, Dolby Atmos, Berlin Moskau concert, Pyramix

Producing Schiller's Dolby Atmos Mix of the “Berlin Moskau” concert with Pyramix, Anubis and Hapi

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Chick Corea - Return To Forever

  • February 25th 2021
  • Chick Corea, tribute, RIP

Claude Cellier reflects on a session with his hero.

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Patrick Carinci - Wave Shuttle Studio, Sementina - Switzerland

  • February 18th 2021
  • MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Patrick Carinci, Gue Pequeno, Vegas Jones, Shiva, Emis Killa, Capo Plaza and Dark Polo Gang

Patrick Carinci, independent mixing and mastering engineer

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Eurosport - Remote Sports Production Enabled By Merging Technologies

  • November 25th 2020
  • Eurosport, Remote Production, Hapi, Anubis, Ovation, VM, WDM, MAD, Merging Audio Device, ST-2022-7, NMOS

Merging ASIO technology used with auto-mixing on Virtual Machines

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Ulrike Schwarz and Jim Anderson - Anderson Audio, New York

  • June 25th 2020
  • Ulrike Schwarz and Jim Anderson, DXD, Pyramix, Horus, MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Merging Technologies

This multi-Grammy® Award winning team continue to push the envelope in surround and immersive recording and mixing despite lockdown and the cancellation of sessions

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Jeremy Tusz - Freelance, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra – USA

  • April 22nd 2020
  • Jeremy Tusz, Pyramix, Horus, Hapi, MERGING+ANUBIS, Anubis, Merging Technologies

Jeremy’s latest addition to the remote kit and home studio is the Anubis and this has been something of a revelation. His first impression of Anubis was “seems like a neat little box” but it proved quickly to be much more than that.

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Pete Cobbin and Kirsty Whalley - Such Sweet Thunder - UK

  • February 25th 2020
  • Horus, Anubis, Pro Tools, Dolby Atmos

Award-winning sound mixers Pete Cobbin and Kirsty Whalley explain how the latest AoIP technology is allowing them to combine analogue and digital in entirely new ways.

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Tomas Martin - Studio Macac – Czech Republic

  • September 29th 2015
  • Czech Radio, Studio Macac, Horus, Avid S6

Studio Macac is a newly re-equipped studio in a beautiful building. Horus is an essential component there.

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Marc Pasteau - Kali Son - France

  • March 5th 2015
  • RAVENNA/AES67, Pyramix, Horus, AoIP, Kali Son, Paris, Webcasting, Recording Live, Live Recording

Kali Son found numerous advantages in adding Horus to their existing Pyramix based recording system. A busy European schedule of concert recordings and webcasts needed a reliable solution.

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Marc Piéra - La Grande Galerie de l’Evolution - Paris

  • February 19th 2015
  • Ovation, Pyramix, Museum, Amadeus, PMX 4, PMX 5, La Grande Gallerie, Paris, MADI, atmosphere, Marc Piéra

Ovation, Pyramix and Horus are essential components to drive the Amadeus multi-speaker installation at La Grande Gallerie, Paris, France

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Morten Lindberg - 2L - Norway

  • August 4th 2014
  • Digital eXtreme Definition, Pure Audio Blu-ray, Pyramix, RAVENNA, Auro 3D, Horus, Hapi

Morten Lindberg sets new standards for recording and the delivery of high resolution audio to music lovers. Horus and now Hapi, are key elements of the Pyramix DXD recording system used by 2L. Read about this and other innovations that result in 9.1 Auro 3D recordings.

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Victor Osadchev - Gnesin Academy of Music - Russia

  • December 6th 2013

Merging Technologies regularly supports the Student Recording and Design Competition at AES Conventions and the winner in Rome was Victor Osadchev of Gnesin Academy of Music in Moscow. Already a Pyramix user, he has some interesting information on the challenges faced in making his recording of the Shostakovich Cello Concerto No 2 Es-Dur.

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Julian Gough - Noise Toys - UK

  • November 25th 2013
  • Iris Networked Post System, Pyramix, Horus, DAW, Mic Pre

In responding to the continual squeeze on programme budgets, Sound Supervisor Julian Gough has drawn upon his 28 years in broadcast television sound to develop a cost-effective recording solution that can be transported in a family car and used in a confined location. The answer he arrived at is Iris Networked Post System, comprising of the Pyramix DAW and Horus ADDA Converter and Mic-Pre from Merging Technologies and one of the first assignments was for the BBC on board HMS Illustrious.

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Andreas Klein - Ultimo Productions - USA

  • October 15th 2013

Andreas Klein is a recording engineer/producer and a concert pianist. A Pyramix user since 2006, Andreas has upgraded to Pyramix 8.1 and Horus to record concerts and sessions, sometimes featuring himself.

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Siril Gaare - Trondelag Theatre - Norway

  • September 1st 2013

Upon arriving at the airport in Trondheim, located up in the beginning of the vast expanses of northern Norway, one wouldn’t think that a hub of culture would be located in amongst the fir trees and fresh water lakes that can be seen when coming in for a landing. But the home of the Trøndelag Theatre is exactly that. Boasting the oldest, still working stage in Northern Europe.

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Frederik Furnee - National Music Theatre - Amsterdam

  • September 1st 2013

Amsterdam, The Amsterdam Music Theatre is aptly described as “a young theatre with a long history”. Its planning began right at the beginning of the 20th century, and in between then and its completion in 1986, it has seen no end of turmoil. Its proposed site was changed to just about every possible bit of open land in Amsterdam (it was even proposed to be a “mobile opera house” at one point!).

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Julien Tota - Adam & Eve La Seconde Chance - Paris

  • September 1st 2013

Ten years after the musical “les 10 commandements” Pascal Obispo has returned to the Parisian theatre world at the “Palais des Sports” with his new show: ADAM et EVE la Seconde Chance. At the time of pre-production, he had already shown confidence in Merging Technologies products by initially choosing Pyramix Virtual Studio to do the multi-track recording/mixing and sound design of the audio for the entire show...

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Jim Betteridge - Stationhouse Post - UK

  • September 1st 2013

Nestled in London's leafy west, Stationhouse Post is an oasis for those seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of London's media driven west-end. A 15 minutes tube ride from Soho brings you to the Olympia Conference Centre, small streets peppered with cafés, tiny bistros, relaxing parks and the home to one of London's stalwart Studios...

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Bob Ludwig - Gateway Mastering - USA

  • August 8th 2012

Located in beautiful Portland, Maine, Grammy and Latin Grammy winning mastering engineer, Bob Ludwig, built Gateway Mastering Studios in 1992 with the intention of having the very best gear, monitoring and room acoustics possible...

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