Christine Hufenbecher and Kenny Moran
Mobile Sessions Studio - USA

Mobile recording studio stands out from the crowd with Anubis & Hapi

Mobile Sessions is a Dolby Atmos-equipped mobile recording and production studio, housed within a custom-designed 30-foot RV. Based in Los Angeles, this unique studio, founded by music manager Christine Hufenbecher and audio engineer Kenny Moran, boasts a professional set-up based around Merging Technologies systems.

Historically, mobile recording studios have been convenient, but often lacked the high-end technology of their static counterparts. Versatility and convenience were at the heart of Kenny and Christine’s venture, which first started at the end of 2017. After ripping out the interior of their 30-foot RV, the pair equipped the mobile studio with the same quality of technology that you’d expect to find in any major studio in L.A. Officially launching at NAMM in 2019, the pandemic actually brought increased demand for the Mobile Sessions studio as the RV could facilitate safe, professional recordings whilst other studios were closed.

Mobile Sessions studio with Dolby Atmos setup Mobile Sessions studio with Dolby Atmos setup

With the ability to record anything from full orchestras to small indie artists, Mobile Sessions is set apart from other mobile studios thanks to its high-spec set-up. “Mobile recording has been around for some time, but the way we have constructed it is like nothing else out there. We have a Dolby Atmos setup - no one can do this to the extent we can,” comments Hufenbecher.

Kenny Moran was introduced to Merging Technologies systems after working with a major artist who would only use Merging gear. “I really dived into Merging and about a month later I was introduced to the new Anubis they had been working on. So, I started using the Anubis,” confirms Moran. The Atmos setup of Mobile Sessions is based on two pairs of Anubis and a Hapi, which powers the entire Atmos room and runs on AES67.

Studio manager Christine Hufenbecher and audio engineer Kenny Moran Studio manager Christine Hufenbecher and audio engineer Kenny Moran

The quality of sound and the multi-functional power of Merging’s Anubis are the two key benefits that solidified Moran’s commitment to using Merging Technologies products. “One Anubis handles everything from the EQ: it’s the controller, it’s the routing, the delay times. It’s all set inside the Anubis and that is what did the entire tuning for the room. It’s really, really powerful in a small box, which is exactly what we needed.”

Furthermore, the Mobile Sessions studio can take any digital input, from MADI and Dante to AES67, AES70 and analogue. A mobile studio such as this needs to be highly adaptable, and with Merging Technologies on board, Mobile Sessions achieves this. Moran confirms: “It doesn’t matter if we roll up at a house with no connections, or the Staples Center or the Hollywood Bowl, we can take full MADI inputs and run it all directly into what we are doing. And Merging is a huge part of that.”

Kenny and Christine with Fatboy Slim in the Mobile Sessions studio Kenny and Christine with Fatboy Slim in the Mobile Sessions studio

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