More Than 400 Hapi Customers

Merging’s popular Networked Audio Interface achieves this total in less than a year

Puidoux, Switzerland. June 2015: Merging Technologies is proud to announce that sales of its Hapi Networked Audio Interface has topped 400 in 11 months; rapidly catching its father, the mighty Horus with sales in excess of 600 since 2012. Both units are fully AES67 compliant but with the added features and functionality afforded by RAVENNA. Hapi is no lightweight except for its compact 1U form factor. In addition to having the huge RAVENNA I/O count, 8 x AES/EBU plus 8 x ADAT or 2 x SPDIF is standard. An optional MADI card will make Hapi into an AES67 to MADI converter with one slot left for analog I/O.

Three options on the A/D and D/A all offer stunning headroom and award winning sound quality. The AD8D offers amazing performance on mic and line input up to 192 kHz, with a direct analog out connection. The AD8DP offers all the same features but extends the digital performance up to DXD and DSD256. The new ADA8 provides 8 in and 8 out on a single board up to 192 kHz, this time without the direct out connector. The DA8 and DA8P give you the corresponding performance on the DA side.

You don’t have to be a Pyramix user or a RAVENNA enthusiast to enjoy the advanced features that Hapi offers. The CoreAudio and ASIO drivers allow any DAW to connect to the RAVENNA network and the superior I/O performance can become part of whatever DAW set up is used. Pro Tools user and Lady Gaga engineer, Dave Russell said; “It murders everything else. Everything you put into it, you get out of it. It is so detailed.”

Hapi is also a favourite with mastering engineers and the elite of classical recording engineers as a control room monitoring DAC. The recent huge growth of DSD and DXD download sites is stimulating more demand for original hi-resolution recordings and since the vast majority are recorded with Pyramix/Horus/Hapi systems, there is a healthy demand for converters with the Premium cards fitted. For the reasons why, look no further than Robert Friedrich, Multiple Grammy® Award Engineer, Five/Four Productions who summarised it thus; “Recording to Direct Stream Digital has always been a must for us to deliver the most revealing and accurate sound. Taking DSD from 2.8 MHz to 11.2 MHz doesn't just step it up to the next level, it catapults it!" Even at lower sampling rates like 96 kHz, real benefits are easily found. Celebrated mastering and recording guru, Bob Katz pronounced; “Hapi is closer to the source than any other converter I have used. It is truly excellent.”

Such praise and the repeated demands of label owners and high-end audio aficionados to be able to enjoy this quality at home, has led Merging to launch NADAC (Networked Attached DAC) at the Munich High End Show in May and T.H.E. Show in Newport in June. NADAC brings not just sonic excellence into the living room; it also brings all the advantages of network connection. Multi-source and multi-room operation, simple set up from one location and no sub-standard USB connection to degrade the audio quality, to name but a few. The initial response from attendees, press and seasoned distributors has been overwhelmingly favourable, so Merging is quietly confident that NADAC will lead the pack just as Horus and Hapi has done before.

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