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Merging Technologies Secures Large Order In China

  Chongqing Broadcasting Purchases Over 20 Pyramix DAWs For Radio Station Refit

Switzerland, June 2010: Chinese radio company Chongqing Broadcasting Group has placed an order for more than 20 Pyramix digital audio workstations with Merging Asia, the Chinese distributor for Pyramix's Swiss manufacturer, Merging Technologies.

The order is part of the broadcasting group's plan to move its eight radio stations (Music Radio FM 88.1, City Radio FM 93.8, News Traffic Radio FM 95.5, Radio FM 96.8, Economic Radio FM 101.5, and Story Radio FM 103.5) to a new headquarters. In addition to the 16 DAWs required for live use on air (two for each station: one for live use, and one for back-up), a further six systems have been purchased to make recordings from the new headquarters’ performance hall, and for use in the broadcaster's recording and post-production studios.

The new systems at Chongqing Broadcasting allow for a tapeless, fully server-based workflow from acquisition to editing, post-production, and automation, right through to live on-air playout, storage, and archiving. The choice of Merging's systems for the DAWs has also allowed the group to upgrade its core audio and archiving format from the lossy MPEG Layer 2 format used by most Chinese broadcasters to uncompressed PCM stored in broadcast wave format (BWF), which is output on up to eight stereo channels per station by each Pyramix's Mykerinos card. Most Chinese radio stations, like many others worldwide, have been using compressed audio formats to save storage space, but the refit at Chongqing has also seen a dramatic upgrade of the stations' available storage, on new Dayang servers, along with the creation of fully automated Dayang backup and storage systems to complement the Guanhua network infrastructure providing the on-air systems. The many Pyramix systems were chosen for the group thanks to the long history of Merging’s DAWs working reliably with Dayang’s broadcast and storage systems in other broadcast companies throughout the People's Republic of China, and Merging Asia's good track record of efficient and effective customer support.

Weishen Xu, President of Merging Asia, comments: "The Chinese radio broadcast industry is entering a period of rapid change, and the new systems at Chongqing Broadcasting Group form a milestone installation, one offering a level of quality to which other stations in the People's Republic will aspire for some time to come. Merging Technologies is proud to play a part in this flagship project."


Chongqing Broadcasting Group’s new HQ   Chongqing Broadcasting Group’s new HQ
View of a newly refitted station in the Chongqing Broadcasting Group new HQ   View of a newly refitted station in the Chongqing Broadcasting Group new HQ
View of a newly refitted station in the Chongqing Broadcasting Group new HQ   View of a newly refitted station in the Chongqing Broadcasting Group new HQ

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