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Horus Hits a Hundred

  JDN Enregistrements orders third and fourth Horus

Puidoux, September 2012: Merging Technologies’ Horus Networked Audio Converter has passed the milestone of 100 units sold since shipping started in April 2012. It is particularly gratifying to see that these purchases follow a successful several months of recording by the specialist recording company, JDN who are based in Gland-Vich in Switzerland. Jean-Daniel Noir and his colleague, Marie Delorme (freshly graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris) invested in a Horus each earlier this year. They chose the same moment to upgrade their Pyramix hardware to the latest Merging fan-less computers which also feature SSD drives (for system) and heavily damped hard drives (for data). This has proven to be a great bonus because, rather unusually, they like to make their recordings in the same room as the musicians. These are very often players of baroque instrument, notorious for their low acoustic levels, so the recording set has to be as near silent as possible.

Recording with the musicians means monitoring on very high quality headphones and Jean-Daniel Noir paid tribute to another feature of Horus which is easily overlooked. "I asked Merging to pay attention to the headphone amplifier when Horus was being developed. These often sound very poor on other devices. I must say that they definitely listened to me because it is really outstanding and it also saves me taking a separate amp and all the cables and power supply. "

JDN record all over Europe so having very portable equipment is extremely helpful and the new computer chassis and Horus fit this requirement very well. However, portability is only valuable if the piece of equipment offers the best quality and here Horus delivers as well. "I have other top grade preamps and converters in my inventory so it is easy for me to compare these to Horus. We quickly found that the mic preamps were of a very high standard and because we have so many more channels in Horus, we save a lot of connections and cables. Using excellent microphones, we found that Horus accepts a huge dynamic. We have recorded many projects which have varied greatly both musically and in location and Horus has proven to be very versatile. Having AES/EBU, MADI, RAVENNA and analog all in one is a huge bonus."

Merging Technologies’ President, Claude Cellier remarked, "Jean-Daniel has been a great contributor to our developments over many years and it seems very apt for JDN to celebrate this first centenary with us."

    Jean Daniel Noir at work
    Opus tools

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