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  Merging Technologies Presents Final Check

Switzerland, September 2010: Merging Technologies presents a complete answer to ever more onerous delivery requirements at IBC 2010: Final Check, an optional add-on for Pyramix Virtual Studio, from the developers of the award-winning workstation.

Duplication houses, broadcasters and film companies are applying ever more stringent criteria to masters, making delivery requirements increasingly complex. Against this background, Final Check offers the solution, a complete suite of metering tools as a plug-in for Pyramix Virtual Studio.

In a single window, Final Check includes all the essential measurement and display options for both stereo and 5.1 surround mixes. Bargraph VU, PPM (with DIN, Nordic, BBC and EBU presets) are complemented by True Peak meters (also known as Inter-sample Peak Meters), which can identify areas likely to cause problems after D to A conversion due to excursions beyond 0dBFS which other meters miss. Standard phase meters for stereo and surround assist in identifying inappropriate correlations.

Stereo spatialization is displayed as a classic goniometer / oscilloscope with two new display modes: Phase stereo-meter, which shows a 360° plot of the points displayed by the phase oscilloscope, and VU Stereo-Meter, a circular graph showing directional RMS rays.

Surround is equally well catered for with the Surround Monitor, a true 360° display of the surround mix with the added feature of a simple colour code enabling the user to detect inter-channel phase issues rapidly by highlighting them in red.

Accurate loudness measurement is now a routine delivery requirement. As recommended by ITU-R 1770-1, the Final Check loudness meter displays a bar-graph as well as the numerical value LUFS (Loudness unit, Full scale). It is also fully compatible with the ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) A/85 standard and a preset is provided for Dolby ‘dialnorm’ compliance.

Merging Technologies products are appreciated internationally for their outstanding audio quality, versatility and usability. Final Check offers users the assurance that their final mixes will pass the tough demands made of today’s deliverables.


Final Check main window   Final Check main window
Final Check settings window   Final Check settings window

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Switzerland’s Merging Technologies is the manufacturer of hardware and software systems for audio and video production professionals, including the high-resolution multichannel Pyramix digital audio workstation, VCube non-linear HD video playback system, and the Ramses MSC audio control surface. Merging’s products are used where reliability and the highest possible quality are of paramount concern. Their clients include some of the finest recording studios, broadcast facilities, post-production houses and film dubbing suites in the world.