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  The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum reopens with complex A/V installation

Puidoux, January 2013: The former Armoury Hall on the second floor of Copenhagen’s historic military museum had been virtually unchanged since the 1930s so the challenge was to update the presentation to be relevant to a 21st century audience and employ equally up to date technology. The Ovation Media Server and Sequencer is a key component of this installation.

The feeling was that, rather than just display weapons of war, the exhibit should focus on the relationship of war to the humans involved and the remarkable dimensions of the building gave the design team the idea to create zones with several different sections in each zone. JACTA, Johan Carlsson and Tove Alderin, won the competition two years ago to design the exhibition space as well as the concept for the new exhibition. The final realisation is now complete and will open to the public on 8th February. Architect Johan Carlsson of JACTA explains; "This space measures 160 by 30 metres, to connect the space we came up with the idea of a film spanning the full length, telling the story of wars from 1500 – today. Once we had decided that we needed to have lots of low resolution LED screens and different audio tracks in 22 sections it was clear that we had a challenge. As designers, we knew how we wanted to use new media to relate to the space and the subject matter, but this was not so easy to control." JACTA took the challenge and has created both the content and visual elements in the 160 meter long film as well as the sound. Editing was made by Egor Jaguonov and the sound mixing and programming was done by Anton Zaitchenko both from JACTA.

System design was the responsibility of No Parking, a local company with international experience in creating spectacular presentations and installations. Morten Ranmar is the director and he explained their approach; "We knew we had to have control and we immediately thought of Medialon but the audio solution was not so simple. We were looking for eight tracks to play back in sync and we needed to trigger events in multiple areas. The audio products we had used previously were not capable of this. It was then I remembered receiving information about Ovation from Merging’s local distributor. It seemed to be exactly what we needed and it was compatible with other products we often use.”Now we fully understand what Ovation is capable of, I realise it would have been far easier for us to do the audio design in Pyramix from the beginning and do the mixing on site. We didn’t realise what a huge advantage it is to have such a powerful editing and mixing program included in the Ovation package. The results are excellent and in the future we know that Ovation Platinum is the way to go. My favourite feature is being able to name strings in Medialon and have them recorded in Ovation. This saves so much time and hassle."

Tøjhusmuseet is housed in the old armoury building which was built by Christian IV between 1598 and 1604. The original museum was created in 1928 and has since combined with other important collections and can now trace the last 500 years of wars that have involved Denmark. The new display makes a welcome change to the static arrays of weaponry that had been featured since the museum opened.

    Team from Jacstudios, from left to right: Anton Zaitchenko, Johan Carlsson, Tove Alderin, Georg Jagunov
    The main entrance gate

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