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Ovation for Yukunkun

  Beirut’s new club finds Merging offers the perfect solution

Puidoux, January 2013: The Gemmayzé district of Beirut may not seem the obvious location for an internationally renowned alternative DJ club and music venue, but the owners of Yunkunkun wanted to be sure that this was to be world-class in acoustics and installed equipment. The club is underground and in a heavily populated area so it was as important for sound to be well contained as it was to be of the finest quality. To achieve this goal required significant investment in the structure as well as the interior design and layout.

The Rome-based VDM Group was experienced in managing projects in the Middle East and was approached to manage the infrastructure and equipment design. The supply of equipment was easily achieved by another Group company, VDM Distribution; specialists in providing high quality audio components. As Merging Technologies’ distributor in Italy, VDM were completely convinced that Ovation would be the ideal solution to control a complex speaker network in a number of zones. Not only that, but Ovation was the ideal product to manage the playlists and even to do necessary mixing when no dedicated mixing console was being used.

Once the massive internal concrete shell had been constructed, the internal fitting included a large diffuser in the elevated bar area. Main stage speakers were d&b xS Series with 18S sub woofers and surrounds and local zone speakers in the separate bars and lounge areas were from PSI Audio. The Swiss excellence theme was completed by installing the Merging Native Platinum Ovation Media Server and Sequencer. VDM Group Chairman and CEO, Igor Fiorini observed; "This has been a really exciting project for us because it is unusual to find such a commitment to quality in construction and sound. Ovation is so well suited to this location where we need to control the whole club from a central point. It makes the job so easy."

Yukunkun opened its doors in September 2012 and is attracting an international roster of DJs and performers with a particular emphasis on electronic music. The focus on quality reproduction has proven to be fully justified with a lively following on Facebook.

    Yukunkun club in Beirut

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