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Floating Earth Records Queen's Jubilee Concert With Pyramix

  Where reliability counts, there can be no compromise

London, June 22 2012: Live concerts with a quick change over of acts are the sound engineer’s nightmare. Dealing with hundreds of channels is enough of a challenge without worrying if essential parts of your recording chain might fail. Floating Earth provided the sound facilities for the Jubilee Concert and Pyramix was the natural choice to deal with key parts of the signal chain.

The number of channels reflects not only the band that is playing but also the next acts to come on, so you need to know they are all live. The Pyramix internal mixer has the capability to do that and when combined with a Smart AV Tango 2 controller, it is the ideal way to check your lines before going live. With 416 channels to deal with, 96 of which were coming from a second vehicle, this was critical to the success of the final transmission.

Although there are no immediate plans for a public release of the concert, Pyramix was used to record everything. It also proved indispensible on the day before where heavy rain prevented the orchestra from attending the rehearsal. Pyramix was used to play back their tracks so the performers could get the true feel of the song and the correct sound balances could be stored.

Floating Earth are no strangers to high pressure having previously been involved with the transmission of last year’s Royal Wedding, numerous Brit Awards and a complete Who’s Who of live performances where failure is not an option. When asked about the choice of Pyramix, Floating Earth’s co-owner and chief engineer, Mike Hatch had this to say; "Our business depends on being able to handle anything without risk of failure. We have been using Pyramix for many years because, where high track counts are concerned, it is simply the most stable DAW platform available."


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About Floating Earth

Floating Earth was established in 1987 as an independent recording, production and post production company based in West London. Having begun as a specialist Classical Music recording company, it now offers a broad range of services across all genres of music. Shortly after formation the company started to gain a reputation for the quality of its work that was recognised by a clutch of awards including Gramophone Awards, Academy Awards, BAFTAs and Grammy Awards. The Floating Earth truck is a 7.5 tonne mobile unit that can be fed up to 128 microphone channels through a single optic fibre and the company offers three “carry-in” rigs and comprehensive post production facilities.