Anubis SoundID Reference Multichannel Trial

Want to try out the Anubis SoundID Reference Multichannel add-on for Anubis? Fill in the form below to get a 21 days trial license.

SoundID Reference is a speaker and Headphones calibration software from Sonarworks that removes unwanted coloration and delivers accurate studio reference sound. This software must be purchased directly from a Sonarworks dealer or from the Sonarworks online store.

Once the relevant SoundID Reference software has been acquired, this Anubis Plugin allows to import multichannel corrections into Anubis up to Dolby Atmos 9.1.6.
(Importing SoundID stereo corrections is free of charge and built into Anubis by default.)

More info here on Sonarworks' website: SoundID Reference for Multichannel Anubis Integration

Note: this Trial version can only be activated once on a single device for 21 days.

Documentation: the setup and usage guide can be found on our online Knowledge base

How to purchase after the trial ended

Once you decide you want to purchase, you can do so on our online shop.


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