Live Event Recording Solution


Live Event Recording

When you are recording a live concert bla lorem ipsum ...

System Configurations

need some text/images on what we recommend as configurations. Johan had a concept of Native vs MassCore, with each time a smaller Native system and a bigger one MassCore. Do we continue like this or do we just put the good optimal solution, ie masscore?

System Features

  • Multiple, simultaneous recordings
  • Edit while in record
  • Record up to 96 tracks @ 192 kHz
  • Take logging window
  • Media based Markers
  • Instant Backup system connections with RAVENNA
Security Features:
  • Keyboard lockout while in record
  • Multi-track interleaving for disk optimization
  • File rebuilder for power loss events
Deliverables Creation:
  • On-site CD Mastering possibilities
  • Multiple media set recordings
  • Mix and master while in record
  • CD Masters from any sample rate
  • Album publishing for digital release

Example Diagrams


The NAMM Show 2019

  • December 5th 2018
  • Networked Audio, Audio over IP, RAVENNA/AES67, AD/DA, DAW

Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim CA

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Merging Changes Distribution In Nordic Region

  • November 30th 2018
  • Nordic Pro Audio, Product Specialist for Live and Studio, Merging Sales Partners, AV Marketing Finland, Sales

New sales partners appointed for Denmark and Finland

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Merging Delivers Massive RAVENNA System

  • November 21st 2018
  • Paradise City, Ovation, RAVENNA, AES67, ANEMAN Enterprise, DXD, Audio-on-Demand, Emotion Server, DJ, Karaoke, live shows

ANEMAN Enterprise is key to controlling this huge installation

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