High End Munich 2018

Stand J08/K11 will see the whole range of MERGING+ components on display with excellent loudspeakers from Philharmonia by Jean Nouvel and Amadeus. In addition to the MERGING+PLAYER and MERGING+POWER combination, Merging Technologies will unveil a new bundle of MERGING+PLAYER and MERGING+SPEAKERS by PSI Audio as well as the now standard MERGING+NADAC connected with an Aurender Reference Music Server through the RAVENNA network.

The combination of Roon and the MERGING+PLAYER makes for an incredibly user-friendly music player with astonishing sound quality. The ability to connect directly to active loudspeakers such as those from Philharmonia and PSI makes for the neatest of installations with absolutely no compromise.

The most remarkable listening room at High End shows is the K1B Konferenzraum at the front of the MOC. This huge room is set up as a 5.1 surround demo room featuring the MERGING+PLAYER/POWER as the source for DSD/DXD playback feeding into ME Geithain active loudspeakers. Timed sessions on each day feature notable recording engineers and producers talking about the virtues and challenges of recording in surround. The distinguished team consists of Bert van der Wolf (Spirit of Turtle), Stefan Bock (MSM Studios), Ronald Prent (Wisseloord Studios) and Jean-Marie Geijsen (Polyhymnia International) who are all using Merging Technologies professional recording equipment every day to record and master this wonderful music. Other interesting presentations will be given by Meik Wippermann, Dr Christian Feickert, Dr Siegfried Gschaider and the Merging team. This is essential listening for any music enthusiast.

Show Details

Dates: 10th May - 13th May 2018

Show website: www.highendsociety.de/index.php/en/high-end.html

Location: MOC, Munich

Stand Number: Stand J08/K11