Popular Film and TV post production needs a system that delivers an intuitive work surface that make professionals work better and faster and is able to integrate completely, regardless of the system in which it exists. Using the system known around the globe as the fastest and most precise post-production tool available puts users in a league of their own.

Single System Configurations:

Pyramix Post MassCore + Horus + VCubeHD

For dubbing theatres and high use suites where big productions are the daily event, the power of Pyramix MassCore combined with the flexibility and sonic quality of Horus is an award winning combination. Adding VCubeHD as a separate system means that post-sync using any video workflow of even the most resource hungry HD codecs is handled with ease.

Pyramix Post Native with VCube Essentials

Smaller dubbing rooms, tracklay suites and post-production engineers on the go will love the combination of Pyramix Post and VCube in a single system. The Native solution is perfect for laptops, and perfect for rooms that need the flexibility and speed of Pyramix and VCube without the immense track count and horsepower of the MassCore alternative.

Pyramix Facility Configurations:

Pyramix Post MassCore/Native + Horus + VCubeHD + Luxor

When multiple rooms are required to work as one, then Merging is able to provide a system solution which satisfies even the most complex and busy of studio facilities. Share edits, share media and create a workflow where everyone is truly working faster than real-time.

System Features and Benefits


  • ADR Toolkit
  • Edit while in Record
  • Multiple simultaneous record streams


  • Mono, Stereo, Multichannel Mixing (Simultaneous)
  • VS3 and VST support
  • Final Check PPM/Loudness Metering
  • Comprehensive monitoring control panel
  • Faster than real-time bounce/mixdown
  • Automation versioning


  • Multiple sample rates/file types support (no render)
  • Fade editor with audition toolset
  • FX database tool with Boolean search
  • Clip gain and envelope editing
  • Complete re-conform toolkit
  • Track grouping layout
  • Workspace setup
  • Macro Editor


  • Simultaneous, multiple-bus mixdown
  • Automation version saving and recall
  • Multiple file type mix down support
  • Auto-mixdown and wrap with Video

Media Storage with Luxor:

  • Optimized for Audio and Video streaming
  • On-site setup and configuration
  • Comprehensive support contracts.

Example System Diagrams

Post-Production TV/Film News & Use Cases

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Merging Technologies decided to complete its immersive audio tool set for broadcasters by developing the Audio Definition Module (ADM ITU-R BS.2076) and MPEGH (by Fraunhofer IIS) export

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Merging Technologies @ IBC 2017 with audio over IP at the top of the company’s agenda

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