Modern event production has been elevated to a level where only the most impressive and flexible technologies are able to provide what show designers need. Take a look below at what Merging Technologies is able to offer those who want to put their events in a different league.

Horus + Ovation MassCore

A combination that has too many applications to name in a few short sentences, this is a system that allows for live event system routing, performance mixing, and the industry’s most trusted live recording workstation all interconnected with nothing more than a standard, off-the-shelf, network. The future of live event production is here.

Ovation Native + Turnkey Workstation

Equally as flexible as its bigger brother, using ASIO interfacing to allow for the playback of huge amounts of data and effects processing of live inputs for dynamic AV events allows users an easy opportunity to bring a new level to productions on any budget.

System Features and Benefits

Show/Rehearsal Playback:

  • Up to 384 audio tracks per cue (MassCore)
  • Control Protocol Transmission
  • LTC, MTC, MIDI, 9pin, COM, TCP/IP, GPIO, Script/Batch
  • Embed multi-file compositions in a cue
  • Edit using Pyramix with no rendering


  • Control Protocol Inputs (same as inputs)
  • Web-enabled device show control
  • Custom button interface design
  • Rule-based automation paradigm
  • Real-time mixer remote with EuCon/Oasis/MIDI


  • Gain Matrix per cue
  • Comprehensive internal mix engine
  • VS3/VST plugin support
  • Snapshot automation
  • Live input management

Example System Diagrams

Live Event Recording News & Use Cases

News Story: RFI - From Short Wave To Binaural Streaming (en)

Recently, VR 360° was added to the RFI Labo works. For these productions, the entire technical methodology for sound capture, journalistic writing and post-production had to be reviewed and adapted. This work was directed by Xavier Gibert (in charge of the RFI Labo production unit).

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News Story: RFI - De l’Onde Courte Au Streaming En Binaural (fr)

Dernièrement la VR 360° est venu s’ajouter aux travaux de RFI Labo. Pour réaliser ces productions, toute la méthodologie technique de captation des sons, d'écriture pour les journalistes ainsi que la post-production en studio a dû être revue et adaptée. Ce travail a été dirigé par Xavier Gibert (chargé d’unité de production RFI Labo)

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News Story: Merging Innovation At High End Munich 2017

The introduction of MERGING+NADAC and then MERGING+PLAYER shook the high end audio world by introducing an Ethernet audio protocol in place of the conventional USB connection. RAVENNA offers numerous practical, performance and reliability advantages over USB and the results have been recorded in a series of rave reviews for these products.

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