If you want to create professional masters with the most used workstation in today’s mastering industry, you need to be using Pyramix. With a complete toolkit for any type of mastering workflow and a sound that is so transparent that it becomes the perfect final stage for any genre of music, Pyramix Mastering simply does the job better, every time.

Pyramix MassCore + Horus

Pyramix Native + Horus

Use the system that brings home the Grammy®s every year. For the mastering tool that the most respected engineers in the industry use, you need to have Pyramix MassCore. And, with the addition of the most sonically impressive ADDA in the world today, every part of your signal chain is treated with the utmost of care.

For mastering workflows, getting professional results using the Pyramix Native Mastering pack is now a reality. Thanks to the native connection to Horus using our Virtual RAVENNA Driver, your recording and monitoring paths become the ultimate in transparency.

System Features and Benefits


  • Multiple, simultaneous recordings
  • Edit while in record
  • Record up to 32 tracks @ 192 kHz
  • Take logging window
  • Media based Markers


  • Source and Destination editing
  • Sample accurate fade editor
  • Custom fade curves
  • DSP normalize, gain and envelope
  • Cedar noise reduction tools
  • Algorithmix denoise tools


  • CD Masters from any samplerate
  • Hepta SRC algorithm
  • Album publishing for digital release
  • MP3/AAC/FLAC/Ogg/WAV/BWF masters
  • Full ISRC code editing support
  • Fully editable CD text metadata
  • ISRC in BWAV support.
  • Multiple CD masters in one timeline
  • DDP1/2/i support

Example System Diagrams

CD Mastering News & Use Cases

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Merging Technologies @ IBC 2017 with audio over IP at the top of the company’s agenda

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News Story: Merging Innovation At High End Munich 2017

The introduction of MERGING+NADAC and then MERGING+PLAYER shook the high end audio world by introducing an Ethernet audio protocol in place of the conventional USB connection. RAVENNA offers numerous practical, performance and reliability advantages over USB and the results have been recorded in a series of rave reviews for these products.

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News Story: Merging Partners With RAVENNA To Launch ANEMAN Audio Network Manager

RAVENNA was delighted to partner with Merging Technologies to co-host an exclusive launch of the Merging/Digigram-developed Audio Network Manager software tool at the ultra-hip London premises of renowned audio & video solutions resellers, Jigsaw24.

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User Story: Merging Technologies | Use Case | Tomas Martin, Studio Macac

Studio Macac is a newly re-equipped studio in a beautiful building. Horus is an essential component there.

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