From systems big enough to power the most sought after cinema dubbing rooms in the world and process files for some of the biggest MCRs around, to software only versions ready to seriously upgrade the video capabilities of tracklay suites, users can scale VCube simply with turnkey or Native solutions.

VCubeHD Turnkey


VCubeHD Native

When the final touches on blockbuster films is the day to day work for a dubbing theatre, having reliability in every part of the system is the key to continued success. VCube Turnkey provides the flexibility in the software to ensure compatibility with files and frame rates, while the specially designed and tuned hardware to make sure there is enough horse-power to process even the most “heavy” codecs.


No matter what your DAW of choice, VCube can add professional-grade video to workflows with no drop in speed of operation. Available in Software only and software + I/O configurations to meet any budget and need, VCube native packs are the true Swiss-army knife for the audio post world.


Check out the Vcube Packs to find which one is perfect for your studio.