No matter what you need to achieve with video for audio-post workflows, VCube has a software or turnkey package specifically designed for your needs.


VCubeHD LE offers the most fundamental requirements and cost-effectiveness for audio post production, ADR, Screening, live events and simple video referencing. As a software only package it can be installed on any suitable PC and can import and wrap/export an array of video formats detailed in the VCube specification section.


VCubeHD XE is an enhanced version of the LE and suited as a video player for project Preparation, finalisation, conversion and transcoding as it comes standard with the ability to import/ export, transcode/render the media as well.


VCubeHD SE adds recording capability as standard with all the functionality you could need as a Video Player/Recorder for ingest, Editing and VTR replacement in either Standard or High-definition configurations. VCube SE SD or HD comes standard with SDI and Analog video/audio inputs and outputs.


If you need to synchronise VCube to external machines you have the option of including Merging’s USB sync card, which offers Video Referenced Sync I/O with LTC, RS422 and even an option for Bi-phase.

VCubeHD2K/4K Turnkey System

The ultimate video-for-audio system, VCubeHD2K/4K is the perfect match of software and hardware. These systems are available In both “Player” and Player/Recorder” configurations allowing for budgets to match the needs of each studio. Both are only available as a turnkey packages housed within a custom built 4U chassis.

Systems available:

  • HD Player (DVI-HDMI output only)
  • HD Player / Recorder (including HD-SDI I/O via Black Magic DeckLink Studio 4K

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