Find your tool of choice from the list below and have a read about just how the Networked Audio range of interfaces from Merging Technologies (Horus & Hapi for the uninitiated) will completely revolutionize your setup.

What is The Networked Audio Family?

In very small boxes (2U and 1U respectively), the members of this family of products provide some of the most sonically pristine audio I/O, professional-grade synchronisation I/O and a flexible and intuitive routing matrix and digital format converter all wrapped together in an interface which can be accessed from any web-enabled device.

All of these boxes also come standard with RAVENNA / AES67 connectivity. In the most basic of terms, what this means for the end user is that once you plug a Horus or Hapi into your studio network, you can then pick up any input and output from the unit on any other DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) on that same network.

Check out our RAVENNA/AES67 solutions

The Merging Virtual Audio Device STANDARD edition is free of charge and intended for owners of any RAVENNA and/or AES67 multi-cast device. Apple's Virtual Audio Device (CoreAudio) is a standardized audio driver system for all Mac computers running on Mac OS X allowing access to all CoreAudio compatible audio interfaces.

Merging owners of a Horus or Hapi Networked Converter get access to the additional features of the PREMIUM edition.

Mac OS X: RAVENNA/AES67¹ Virtual Audio Device Specifications:

PREMIUM edition: Bundled free for owners of a Merging Network Interface. Downloadable here

STANDARD edition: Free with any RAVENNA/AES67 Hardware compatible device. Downloadable here

Windows: RAVENNA ASIO Driver Specifications:

PREMIUM edition: Bundled free for owners of a Merging Network Interface

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