Easily manage your network of AoIP devices with ANEMAN

What is ANEMAN ?

ANEMAN is the first cross platform & cross vendor Audio NEtwork MANager.

ANEMAN Allows you to connect, monitor, and manage your networked audio devices.

ANEMAN can Save and Recall a network patch to easy go from on audio network configuration to another

ANEMAN will tell you when and why connection can not be made, will give you feedback on connection status and PTP clock status.

ANEMAN is an open project, with open specifications, and is compatible with a growing list of devices

ANEMAN has received the 2017 High End Munich Innovation Award from Audiohub.gr

What are the compatible device ?

ANEMAN currently works with:

  • Digigram’s LX-IP and IQOYA range
  • ArchWave uNETs range of modules
  • Merging's HORUS & HAPI converters
  • Merging's OSX VAD (Virtual Audio Device)
  • Merging's RAVENNA/AES67 ASIO Driver
  • and more to come...

Nicolas Sturmel on ANEMAN @ AES Berlin

2017 High End Munich Innovation Award


  • ANEMAN offers a comprehensive overall network summary display and matrix router. It will automatically manage streams on the network for you, while you setup your configuration on a higher level.
  • ANEMAN replaces all previous network management tools delivered with Pyramix and Ovation like EasyConnect and MTDiscovery. ANEMAN integrates in a single comprehensive application all the features and functionalities of those previous tools… and much more.
  • ANEMAN can save a patching configuration and reload it
  • ANEMAN can be integrated in an existing system to extend compatibility or simplify network setup.
  • ANEMAN is an open solution allowing new manufacturers to add additional devices support or specific user interfaces modules. ANEMAN can be integrated in an existing system to extend compatibility or simplify network setup.
  • ANEMAN is a free and cross platform application. Currently supported versions are (Windows 7/10 and Mac OS 10.10+)

ANEMAN Audio Network Manager window

What is the ANEMAN project ?

The ANEMAN project was started in 2014 by Merging Technologies and Digigram to design an audio networking connection monitoring and management system based on the same values as Ravenna: simple, open and free. But the project eventually ended up to be target to an ecosystem much larger than RAVENNA: AES67. By allowing every manufacturer to write its own plug-in for ANEMAN, we do not mandate any specific protocol, and we allow devices already on the market to be easily managed by ANEMAN. This is why existing Merging customer using HORUS and HAPI for the last 4 years can benefit from ANEMAN at no cost.

How does it relative to NMOS ?

NMOS is a discovery, control and management protocol of networked media device. NMOS is basically a northbound API allowing manufacturers to write their own system operation and management software. ANEMAN has a pragmatic approach of being compatible with devices already in the market, therefore even if ANEMAN will use NMOS in the futur, it will offer a much wider compatibility and workflow (system operation and management) driven experience.

What is the control protocol ?

ANEMAN does not require a specific control protocol, it uses plug-ins based on an open interface. Therefore, every manufacturer can be compatible with ANEMAN using their own (already implemented) protocol.

ANEMAN offers the possibility to users to download available plug-ins based on their level of stability.

I am an AES67 device manufacturer, how can I be ANEMAN compatible?

If you are a manufacturer interested in being ANEMAN compatible, please contact us at aneman@merging.com.

There is no fee or NDA to access the SDK, you do not have to pay anything to be compatible with the software.

However, as a manufacturer you may want to join the ANEMAN partners project to:

  • Support sustainable development of the software
  • Have your plug-in automatically distributed to ANEMAN users via our plug-in manager
  • Have your device icons in the software
  • Take part in press releases and have your logo / devices on our ANEMAN page

Is ANEMAN Compatible with Dante ?

No. Because ANEMAN requires plug-ins to be compatible with devices, there is not Dante plug-in available yet. If you are a Dante customer and would like to see ANEMAN compatible with Dante, you may want to ask Audinate to support this project ;)

What is the ANEMAN roadmap ?

Following features are scheduled to be added to ANEMAN:

  • Free version: dante AES67 streams discovery, PTP offset indicator, more manufacturers
  • Enterprise version: network management (switch control and configuration), web service, security, NMOS support

Where can I download ANEMAN ?

ANEMAN can be downloaded for free here

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