Easily manage your network of AoIP devices with ANEMAN

ANEMAN is the first cross platform / cross vendor Audio NEtwork MANager.

With ANEMAN you can easily connect compatible devices, monitor the network and save/recall connection setups.

ANEMAN currently works with:

  • Digigram’s LX-IP and IQOYA range
  • ArchWave uNETs range of modules
  • Merging's HORUS & HAPI converters
  • Merging's OSX VAD (Virtual Audio Device)
  • Merging's RAVENNA/AES67 ASIO Driver
  • and more to come...


  • ANEMAN offers a comprehensive overall network summary display and matrix router. It will automatically manage streams on the network for you, while you setup your configuration on a higher level.
  • ANEMAN monitors the network in real-time and gives useful information to identify configuration problems: bad PTP setup, wrong IP addresses, conflicts, etc...
  • ANEMAN is an open solution allowing new manufacturers to add additional devices support or specific user interfaces modules. ANEMAN can be integrated in an existing system to extend compatibility or simplify network setup.
  • ANEMAN is a free and cross platform application. Currently supported versions are (Windows 7/10 and Mac OS 10.10+)

When will it be released ?

ANEMAN is still in closed beta, but you can give us your e-mail to stay up to date with the latest info on the software availability.

Need an AES67 driver for your AES67 and/or RAVENNA multi-cast device?
Download our free RAVENNA/AES67 Virtual Audio Device