Check out the information below for all of our currently running sales and offers. You can find ways to save money in a lot of ways when purchasing a new Merging Technologies solution for your studio or live event.

Flux Summer Sale - 50% discount on the Full Pack bundle

Dates: July 1st - August 31st

Summer is officially back again! But what is a day on the beach when you can stay all day in the studio with air conditioning and the Flux:: Full Pack bundle containing 11 of our finest production tools, available until end of August with a whopping 50% discount!

Anyway you choose to spend it, in the sun or in the studio, Flux:: and Merging would like to wish you a wonderful summer!


  • For a limited time only you can grab the Flux Full Pack for 50% less.
  • Flux Full Pack 2.2 (Alchemist, Solera, Epure, Pure Pack, Elixir, Syrah, BitterSweet Pro)
  • Every VS3 plugin has the ability to work from from 44.1 to 192 kHz all the way up to DXD format, ensuring you have the tools at your arsenal to work comfortably at blisteringly high sample rates.
  • Offer available for VS3 versions through our Sales Partners

Free 64bit AphroVerb for Existing Owners

Dates: No end date currently

You can now get the 64bit AphroVerb licence free of charge with your Pyramix / Ovation upgrade


When updating to Pyramix V9/V10 64bit (and above) or Ovation V5/V6 64bit (and above) and starting to take advantage of the 64bit architechture, you must also take into account that your plugins will all need to be 64bit as well. Vincent Burel and Merging Technologies have extended a great offer to any existing AphroVerb owner who is planning to upgrade to Pyramix or Ovation.
You can now get the 64bit AphroVerb licence free of charge with your Pyramix / Ovation upgrade!

64bit Vincent Burel offer

Dates: No end date currently

If you purchased a 32bit Vincent Burel pack of plugins, you can rest easy in the knowledge that you are eligible for a 50% discount on the 64bit upgrade of all of your VB plugs! Contact your Local Merging Technologies Sales Partner to get your new keys today.


  • Note that 64bit plugins will only work with Pyramix V9/V10 64bit (and above) or Ovation 5/6 64bit (and above), so you must have a valid licence in order to redeem this offer.