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Sept 2011 - Issue 22

September is here and with that we have some great news for you! Make sure that you read all the bits below, as they have been sent to you to make sure that you are completely in the know.

All the best,

Johan – Product Manager

New Merging Blog!

We are very excited, as we have finally managed to open the Merging Technologies Blog! We have found that the time taken to communicate with all you Merging users out there via emails was just taking too long, and we are really excited at the prospect of being able to bring you up to date news on our shiny new Blog page..

You can find our blog at inside.merging.com

From now on, if you need to find anything out about what we are up to at the moment, you need look no further than the blog pages to get all the info. And I suggest that you sign up to the RSS fee using a RSS reader so that you get automatically pinged every time we put up some new info.

Click here to subscribe to the RSS feed

New Software!!

We are also really happy around the office now, because most of us have just come back from some well-needed vacation. But, also as we are just about at the end of our development cycle for the next versions of software.. woohoo! We have been working like mad over the summer getting Pyramix, VCube and Ovation ready for the world, and we got there! (collective pat on backs)

These versions can be downloaded from www.merging.com/download

Pyramix 7.1

For Pyramix 7.1 we have been getting on with the top requests from all the users around the world. Top of that top list has been windows 64bit compatibility.. Yup! Native versions only for the moment I’m afraid, but it is a great first step..
Apart from that bombshell, we have a whole slew of feature enhancements and bug fixes. Check the links below to get the whole story.

Check out the release notes here

Check out the release highlights on the blog

VCube 3.1

For VCube 3.1 the dev team has worked long and hard to ensure that the playback is even more rock solid, and even more codecs and file types are accepted. And, thanks to a new deal with Minnetonka Audio Software Inc., we are now able to provide DolbyE Encode as part of our wrapping function (with the DolbyE key). This should be huge news for broadcasters and post-production facilities that don’t want to shell out for linear DolbyE encoders for every room in their facility. Don’t say we never do nothing for you!

Like with the rest of the new apps, check out the release notes here

Check out the VCube 3.1 details on the blog

Ovation 3.0

Ovation 3.0 is probably the biggest update for the trio of existing products. New ways to route the audio paths, easy ways to connect to remote control devices along with much, much more. This release has been specifically tailored to fit the needs of the live events, theatre, theme park, spectacle and cruise ship industries. Ovation is already becoming a standard for live-to-air broadcast playout around the world, but with 3.0 we are sincerely hoping to see more of you theatre buffs taking it on!

For all the juicy details, check out the release notes here

Take a peek at all the goodies Ovation has on the blog

Horus release @ IBC2011

For those of you who have not been able to attend IBC this year, here is a youtube video of Merging's CEO Claude Cellier presenting our brand new hardware!

As with all of the newsletters, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to get in touch.

That is all for now.

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Johan and The Merging Team