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June 2011 - Issue 20

This month’s newsletter features some great stories from around the world, showing how the best of the best in the media industry are trusting Merging Technologies products to get the job done. Alongside this, is a whole slew of information about new toys and a whole lot more!

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Pyramix On-Location

Epic gig at the Carnegie Hall in New York, USA to mark the 120 year anniversary, and Pyramix captures it perfectly... whew...

It was one of the most important performances ever to be held at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York, and what better tool to make sure that it will last throughout the ages than Pyramix! From the initial recording, to the editing, mixing and final mastering, it all happened inside Pyramix. I won't go on about it too much here though.. so click on the link below to read the whole story.

Read the Press Release

German Ovation Days

Nils Boden was the demo KING last week! Check out the pics...

Nils Boden from our German distributor, Audio Export, has been on the road for the last couple of weeks, letting everyone in his country know just how good Ovation is. Holding Seminars in Hamburg for the Deutsches Schauspielhaus, the room was filled with Tonmeisters and other industry players… So.. if you are in Germany and have missed these demo’s, or if you are in another country and want these demos to come to you, contact merging today to get us there.

Product Feature

We think that the WebServer option for Ovation is just a bit cool...

Ovation WebServer is making a huge impact on the live and event industry around the world. Before this feature, If a system integrator wanted to remotely access the control for a system, or if a theatre operator wanted a single panel to control many things, they would have to use a 3rd party control interface and spend ages programming it.. well no more.

  • WebServer is intergrated into Ovation Itself.
  • WebServer provides access to control firing of any cue list in the show.
  • WebServer is based on a completely open API, allowing users to copy and paste the JavaScript modules into ANY web-based design to allow for easy to make, custom interfaces.
  • WebServer is pretty darnned cool.

Check out more info on it here

Merging User Story: 2

Stationhouse-Post in England was kind enough to open its doors for a sneak peek...

The Merging user story of Bob Ludwig was a lovely first step forward in our opinion.


But, we want to make sure that you are all getting monthly updates of installations around the world which use our products happily and successfully to create beautiful works of audio art.
So, the next edition sees us visiting Jim Betteridge at StationHouse Post in London, UK.

Check out the story here

And remember, we want your submissions for user stories in your area!! Contact Johan Wadsten to get the ball rolling.

In Closing

As with all of these newletters, if you have any queries or comments, or if you have any stories which you would like to contribute, please respond to this mail whenever you get a chance to as we would love to hear from all of you.

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