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March 2011 - Issue 18

Here at Merging, we have been working away as always, bringing you the latest and greatest in software and hardware. This month’s newsletter is packed full of great information on promotions, new features and how to find us this spring as we travel around the world! Make sure to read through the whole email, as we wouldn’t want you to miss any of the good news!

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ASM Deal Continues!

Until 31/03/2011... don’t say we never give you nothing...

Yes that’s right! March is the final month for you to enjoy a free option (from the choice below) when combining your upgrade to V7 with the subscription to the ASM. We’ll also further encourage the ASM adoption rate by offering a price reduction of 30% on the upgrade when purchased with an ASM (Annual Software maintenance).

AND.. so that we finally, completely clear the air here: ASM is valid for ONE CALENDAR YEAR. And it’s validity starts FROM THE FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH IN WHICH THE PURCHASE TAKES PLACE

Choose from the following keys:

  • OMF (Legacy – but still very much used - interchange)
  • AAF (the new OMF)
  • FCP XML (Final cut Pro’s answer to AAF)
  • AES31 (the AES defined open interchange standard)
  • EQ-X (Ultra-high quality EQ)
  • Or for those very few clients who already have all of the above.. Please give us a call and we can discuss an alternative.

Once you decided on the purchase, make sure to ask your local dealer about the FREE KEY gift to go with your ASM. Hurry up though as this will not last much longer!

Grammy/César WINS!

Pyramix wins HUGE at the Grammys AND the Césars this year. Read all about it...

This year at the Grammys, Pyramix users were picking up Grammy awards all over the place. We have put together a press release containing the specifics and we suggest that you go and check out the link. Then, once you’ve read it, make sure you go out and tell everyone! When making a sales argument for our product range, what could be better than having Grammy wins in our bag!

Then, as if that wasn’t good enough, Pyramix has also been the tool of choice for the winner of Best Sound at the French Césars for “Gainsbourg (Vie Héroïque)”!!! The team of Daniel Sobrino, Jean Goudier, Cyril Holz had nothing but good things to say about their time on the film with Pyramix. So go and check out the full story now!

A big congratulation goes out to all the winners as well. We hope you continue to find success in using our products!

More on our homepage

Ovation Days

The road trip continues! Sign up now to come and see us when we come around to your neighbourhood...

We have had a huge success so far this year with our Ovation Days Tour so far.. and we want to make sure that if you have an interest in this product range, that you are able to come and see it up close! Johan Wadsten and Maurice Engler have been away from home since the beginning of the year, bringing dedicated Ovation seminars around the world to really start a wave of interest in the product range. We have had brilliant turnouts in every territory visited thus far. Norway, Sweden, Canada, USA… and the year has only just started! If you want to be one of the first people to see this revolutionary new Application and Hardware, contact your local dealer for more information today!

Ovation MX24

Special package, special price..

As we have been travelling around the world with our Ovation Days seminar, we have been paying close attention to what is currently being used for multitrack audio playback in live environments.. In most terrtories, the most common one has been the Tascam MX2424. A rock solid device, this provided 24 tracks of digital audio that could be chased to LTC or 9pin timecode.
We instantly thought to ourselves, “hey, Ovation can do that as well!” .. and you also get editing with Pyramix, OpentTL to load all the old Tascam sessions, and the ability to upgrade to a system which can mix in the box LIVE!

So, we have put together an MX24 replacement package.

Aimed at everyone out there who has a old Tascam box which is slowly running out of steam, Ovation MX24 is the simple, easy, feature rich replacement solution for every live/event installation.

Contact your local Merging Sales Partner today to find out more!

Final Check News

New specification enhancements make us the leader of the pack!!

Recently, our Final Check Guru, Valentin Décaillet, went to Geneva to participate in the EBU’s R-128 seminar. Covering the future of development and specifications for Loudness metering standards, this has been a crucial step in ensuring that everyone using Pyramix will be ready for the future of Broadcast delivery specs.
As of Jan 01, 2012 all EBU members will be changing their spec from Peak Normalization to Loudness-Normalization. This means that every single one of you who are using Pyramix for TV post-production may probably need a EBU R-128 compliant level meter quite soon.
So, if you havent had a look already, then now is the time to make sure that you know everything about our Final Check Meter.

Click here to read more

VCube Batch Export

Wrap a mountain of files... while you are out at the pub!

New in Version 3 Sp2, we now offer the VCube Batch Export Module option! Now from within VCube, you can point the Export tool at a Folder or drive location, and VCube does the rest. Set all your delivery specs (file type/codec/audio type etc) and VCube will process hundreds of files without any user input at all!

The perfect tool for any broadcast facility, which needs to conform all incoming material to a single, facility spec.

Click here to check out VCube

User Stories Wanted

Taking applicants now.. no line, no waiting..

We are now taking submissions for user stories from any of our user base! We want to hear how people are working with Pyramix/VCube/Ovation, why they love them and how they make their day an easier and more fun one. If you have a user in mind (for instance yourself), who is a great example of how fast and successfully people can work with our products, then let us know.

If you can provide us with your contact details, and maybe a quick introduction email letting us know what it is you do and how you use our products, we will take care of the rest!

Contact jwadsten@merging.com for more details.

EXPO’s 2011 (Spring)

Coming to a slightly crowded conference hall near you...

Now that the ground has started to thaw, our thoughts are immediately turning to the vast number of Expo’s and conferences this year where we will be or will want to be. So, we thought it prudent to get you all a list of where we know we will be so far, in order to make sure that you will get a chance to swing by for a chat and a drink if you happen to be in town!

FrankFurt ProLight and Sound (April 6-9):

  • Merging representatives will be attending the first two days of the show (April 6 and 7) on the Audio Export booth alongside our German Distributor (Audio Export, booth 8.0 G32). We will be featuring our Ovation Media and Show Controller but will of course have Pyramix and VCube as well.

NAB Las Vegas (April 11-14):

  • Merging Technologies will be in full force at the NAB this year. Showing our entire product range on Merging Technologies stand, Booth C3239 we hope to see you there!

AES London (May 13-16):

  • We will NOT be showing at the AES this year. Due to the poor attendance over the last few years, we thought it better to be on hand for meetings, but to not spend the time and money on a stand. If you would like to arrange a meeting then please make contact with Johan Wadsten, who will be on hand for the duration of the show. jwadsten@merging.com

In Closing

As with all of these newletters, if you have any queries or comments, or if you have any stories which you would like to contribute, please respond to this mail whenever you get a chance to as we would love to hear from all of you.

Thanks again

The Merging Team.