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February 2011 - Issue 17

Dear Customers,

We hope that you have, as we do, a busy and promising beginning of year 2011. Read further to discover what's new in the recently released SP2 versions of our products and don't miss out on the ASM promotion offer.


The Merging Team

SP2 Released for Pyramix, VCube and Ovation

New Features!!! Get them while they are hot...

Merging Technology continues into the New Year with yet more features and updates for all your workflows!

Pyramix 7.0 SP2

Album Publishing (Free to ALL CD Mastering users)

In the era of iTunes and fast growing High Resolution files download, Mastering Engineers are challenged to enhance their traditional workflows focused on CD or SACD masters and vinyl, with additional file based releases with all the same information and metadata. Based on numerous discussions with our user base, Merging felt compelled to address these new requirements. And address this, in an elegant manner, we have!
The new Album Publishing option for all Pyramix users means that it is now just as easy to create files of any type, format or samplerate from their next CD mastering project.

Final Check Enhancements (Final check option required)

The Final Check tool in Pyramix has created shockwaves through the broadcast world. Its ease of integration, intelligent presets, full EBU R128 compliant specifications and the easy to read meter display and measurement information makes it one of the most versitile Loudness Tools available. The version in Pyramix 7.0 SP2 includes new measurement standards like ATSC A/85 & ITU 1864 mode, INT, LRA, MaxTP and many more. Final Check has an even richer user interface so if you haven’t already tried it out, contact your local distributor today for a demonstration and find out why Final Check has been received with resounding success unanimously and is catching on like wildfire as the emerging reference in precision digital audio measurement tools. See the Final Check web page for additional details.

VoiCode Enhancements (Requires VoiCode Key Option)

Merging’s VoiCode VST plugin is the first professional real-time mono to stereo upmix. Some major GUI improvements were made, as well as double controls like A-B comparison presets (Much like the Flux plug-in style) and full automation support. See the VoiCode web page for additional details.

VCube 3.0 SP2

VCube version 3.0 “Batch Export” MXF compliance tool

VCube has extended its range of video tools yet again for broadcast and post-production users with the introduction of the Batch Export option now available in version 3.0. Merging has been extensively following MXF trends providing for the broadest and most complete support of emerging MXF file flavors over the past three years and has brought this huge momentum continuously straight into VCube with the additional possibility to script multiple wrapping functions into an easy to use tool.

This Feature was specifically designed for and deployed in one of Europe’s most advanced television broadcasting facilities right here in Switzerland (TSR) as an MXF compliance tool that streamlines even the most rag-tag collection of MXF video files to strict conformity of specific video container standards. The success of this deployment at the heart of one of the hottest video processing environments, broadcast television, means that VCube’s Batch Export tool passes the real-world fire-proofing required to get us in the door of any major broadcaster worldwide right now.

This MXF compliance batch wrapping process bridges the file format gaps between major video editing platforms like Avid® and Apple® for cross compatibility with major MAM play out servers as well as conforms MXF files to strict characteristics required for use with MXF compliant hardware like disk based cameras and VTRs.

Just fire up VCube, place it in “Batch Export” mode and drop your MXF files into your user defined watch folders and let VCube re-wrap all incoming MXF files with your specific metadata. VCube works offline to push the newly compliant MXF video files to your output folders accordingly. Drop it in a watch folder; pick it up from the push folder. It’s that easy!

The Batch Export feature even watches multiple folders each with its own unique set of parameters simultaneously so you may set up a series of watch folders that each performs a specific wrap process. To give a couple of examples: one folder may transform audio track count information specific to Panasonic® MXF hardware standards while another watch folder fixes aspect ratio metadata that an Avid workstation does not allot for but your MAM play out server requires. Those metadata hiccups just get fixed.

The list of time saving feature combinations goes on as far as the need arises in each specific workflow to correct MXF files in a “push and forget” offline batch processing manner. Individual operators on a network need not even concern themselves with the specific setup of VCube, they simply need to know which watch folder to drop their MXF media into and where the final compliant file will appear. In addition, as the entire process is wrap based and not render based, the original video and audio essences are entirely preserved at their original quality.

Ovation 2.0 SP2

WebServer Option

Whether you are building custom interfaces for use in hotels, shopping centres, museums and other non-operational environments, or allowing multiple access points for a single Ovation system, the WebServer Option provides the ultimate answer.
Using any web-connected device, you can dial into your show, filter cue lists, and maintain control from anything from a desktop computer to a smart phone. Add to that the ease with which controls can be embedded into custom designed interfaces means that your next show/event/exhibit will open up a whole new world.

These SP2 versions are downloadable as usual from our website download page

ASM Promotion for one more month!

The generosity continues.. 2011 style…

We have had such an incredible response to our ASM upgrade promotion that we have decided to run it for yet another month! Now, until February 28th, 2011 your customers have the opportunity to join the Annual Software Maintenance plan.

The reduction in price has had to be slightly reduced (40% reduction on upgrade costs), but that is still a huge deal! And, you still get your free gift (AAF, AES-31, OMF, FCP XML or EQ-X) with every purchase.

This is only going to be here for one last month, so hurry while you can still get this amazing deal!

The deal in point form:

  • 40% off all upgrades needed when purchased with an ASM option
  • When purchasing the ASM option you will be offered the key of your choice from the list below COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE
    • OMF (Legacy – but still very much used - interchange)
    • AAF (the new OMF)
    • FCP XML (Final Cut Pro’s answer to AAF)
    • AES31 (the AES interchange standard)
    • EQ-X (Ultra-high quality EQ)
    • Or for those of you who already have all of the above.. Please give us a call and we can discuss an alternative.

Don't miss out!

In Closing

As always, your thoughts, comments, complaints, congratulations, and all such communication is always something we want to see. Please feel free to email Johan (jwadsten@merging.com) at your leisure with any of the above.. well maybe not so much the complaints ;)

Happy 2011!

Johan and the Merging Team