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December 2010 - Issue 16

Well… the year is now coming to a close and in most of the world, we are all in rush to finish at work and get home for some much needed fattening food and a little too much to drink.. But, we wanted to make sure to get a final word in before we start with 2011!
In this Newsletter we’ve got all sorts of News. From information about our new SP1 release to the latest in Annual Software Maintenance and on the new Ravenna audio over IP protocol... Keep reading to make sure that you are completely “in the know”… there might even be a couple of Christmas presents if you keep reading ;)

The Merging Team.

New Software!!

Pyramix 7/VCube 3/Ovation 2 SP1

A new incremental in Merging Technologies software is now available!

Pyramix Version 7 SP1

With a huge UI facelift, tons of new features and a completely updated post-production workflow ability, Pyramix 7 is set to take the world by storm. If you have seen it already, now is your chance to upgrade. And, if you haven’t seen it yet, now is the time to make sure you do.

Click here to see Pyramix 7 SP1 features

VCube V3 SP1

The Video world is one of the fastest changing of any media industry. VCube 3.0 is our answer to those fast changing needs. The new software includes built in DolbyE decoding, updated codec support and one of the most coherent MXF management structures available. Get your upgrade today!

Click here to see VCube 3 SP1 features

Ovation V2 SP1

Bringing more stability, better control integration, and a brand new Low contrast UI, Ovation Version 2.0 is set to become the new bench mark in any industry which it is used.

Click here to see Ovation 2 SP1 features

Merging Upgrade Policy

ASM is the new cool...

We thought it prudent to explain the ASM and upgrade configurations and how they apply to all our end users, no matter what version they are currently running.

ASM covers you for the current release version of code for 1 full year. It covers you for phone and email support with any issues you may have AND covers you against the cost of any new releases of software which are released within that year.

If you do not have the current release version of code when you want to buy the ASM, you will need to purchase an upgrade along with the ASM cost. . and that is the reason that we have:

Until Jan 31st, 2011 you will receive a hefty 50% off the cost of the software upgrade when you purchase an ASM for 2011 at the same time.

Oh yeah, one more thing…

In addition to all this.. Because we love the holiday season as much as is humanly possible, we thought it only right to give everyone on our ASM list a present this year...

Holiday Presents for every ASM

This counts as a birthday present as well!...

Now, for a limited time only, we wanted to make sure we showed our thanks to end users who are showing their support by signing up or have already signed up to the ASM (Annual Software Maintenance) program here at Merging. And because it is our 20th anniversary AND Christmas.. we thought we would make it a big one.

So... we are giving away a key of the end user’s choice! Get giving.. and don’t forget to tell them where the present came from.

To be clear though.. ONLY the people singed up to ASM will be eligible.

Choose from:

  • OMF (Legacy – but still very much used - interchange)
  • AAF (the new OMF)
  • FCP XML (Final cut Pro’s answer to AAF)
  • EQ-X (Ultra-high quality EQ)
  • If you already own all of the above.. Please give us a call and we can discuss an alternative.

To request this key update, please contact your local distributor or reseller to arrange it for you! Just let him know the serial number and your choice.

Product Updates

Ravenna Unveiled

Audio over IP, and tons more!

At the IBC this year, Merging Technologies, along with a consortium of over 10 other highly respected media technology companies, unveiled the new Ravenna protocol to the world. If you were at the IBC this year, you have probably already found out about this amazing new technology. But, if you weren’t able to make it to the IBC, didn’t get to see it even though you made it to the conference, or if you wanted another overview of it so that you could have it on paper, here is a brief overview of what this technology means to the Audio Industry,

  • Ravenna is an open technology standard (means that the IP isn’t locked out so anyone can access it and use it for their own technology)
  • Ravenna can transmit hundreds of audio tracks in both directions, over a single Ethernet cable. From 44.1 all the way up to DSD/DXD
  • Ravenna can also embed control information to allow for the control of Mic Pre-amps and other analogue parts of the path.
  • Ravenna founding partners include Genelec, Innovason, Shoeps, Merging Technologies and LAWO to name but a few.
  • Ravenna is designed to use existing IT networks (LAN and WAN). Sending signals through standard Routers and switches used in normal IT infrastructure. This means that using Ravenna based technologies will incur much less installations costs due to the lack of need to use specific technology for the network.

So basically, we are now part of what can easily become the new default standard of audio transmission in a digital system. Not to shabby!

Technical Updates

Setup for Ultra Low Latency

Only for Merging-built systems…

There has been some confusion about how the latency settings in the VS3 control panel are meant to be set, depending on your system and its configuration.

The ONLY time in which these settings should be changed from Low-Latency (5.33ms) to any of the other choices, is if the system is loaded in a specially built, Merging Technologies optimized computer.

So unless specifically designed to do it. Your existing system is NOT ready to be switched to anything except for low-Latency mode.

If you have any further questions about this, please do not hesitate to write back.

In Closing

As usual, if you have any comments, questions, feedback, or just want to say hi, then please send me an email (jwadsten@merging.com) at your convenience and let me know.

Hope to hear from you all soon.

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah/Joyeux Noel/Happy Quanza/Merry Festivus!!!

Johan Wadsten

Product Manager – Pyramix/Ovation