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September 2010

Here at Merging, we are proud and excited to bring you the latest release of Pyramix Virtual Studio. Version 7 is the result of months of intensive study and development, where the goal was to create an even better, even faster, and even more powerful and intuitive interface, allowing demanding DAW users to take advantage of everything Pyramix has to offer.

The Future is here.

Get Ready for Pyramix 7 !

New Look and Feel

Even more coherent and intuitive than before, the new user interface has been meticulously enhanced. With easy to read menus and buttons, and lightning-speed access to any parameter you could ever want, the new Pyramix v7 is set to become the new benchmark in DAW operation.

New timeline

The Pyramix timeline has always been incredibly fast and has allowed for simple editing of any clip, regardless of it being mono or multichannel, single file or interleaved. But now, we have increased the simplicity of the timeline view by adding a visual difference to timeline tracks which are connected to multi-channel mixer strips. With linked zooming, naming and automation views, Pyramix’s new multichannel timeline tracks push the boundaries even further.

New Bar and Beats controls

Now appearing on the top bar of the Pyramix timeline, all of the bar and beats setup can be done with ease. Allowing for comprehensive access to preroll settings, metronome control and controls to link in and outs to markers and other controls on the timeline, Pyramix is even more capable of conducting on your next recording.

New Automation Lines

When mixing, the ability to have a fast visual reference to what automation line is being viewed in the timeline, can make a huge difference over a full day of work. In conjunction with the trackheader improvements, the Pyramix timeline now shows specific colors for different automated parameters. When mixing your next project, Pyramix automation coloring will help get the job done even faster.

New Trackheader

New levels of power are now available in the clip track header! Quick access to strip plugins, automation editing and input and output routing, with a redesign allowing for an easy, simple to understand interface allow Pyramix users to have even more control over their projects. This is combined with effective controls like auto-track height settings

New Timeline Track Layout

Two new track types are set to increase workability and coherency in infinite amounts.

  • Automation Sub-tracks are now available on every single Pyramix timeline track. Easy to access, these provide collapsible access to view multiple automation lines at once. Easy to add, easy to remove and one click to collapse or expand them. Simple and effective controls for enhanced operation.
  • Bus Automation tracks are now the incredibly easy way to automate buses and subgroups in Pyramix. Connect them to any bus for fast access to view and edit automation.

Timeline Track and Mixer strip sync now includes the ability to have a repositioning of either making its partner follow along. If moving a timeline track up or down to sit next to another track, the associated mixer strip now repositions itself to the same position in the mixer, making simple visual reference between the timeline and the mixer even easier.

Media Management Enhancements.

More codec support, a comprehensive new management structure, faster searching and media parsing make the new media manager the most powerful yet. Add to that Pyramix’s long standing ethos of “any samplerate, any wordlength and any filetype” to the same timeline without conversion, means you can work faster and better with Pyramix Media Manager.

Post Production Revolution

Comprehensive mix-in-the-box technologies and industry specific tools have always made Pyramix an integral part of the film and TV world.
What better way to celebrate that then to deliver a full range of new toys and workflow enhancements that create the perfect tool for recording, editing and mixing your next project.

New Final Check Loudness Meter

Developed using a wide variety of specification presets, the new Final Check Loudness meter gives the user every possible reference level for their mix at the glance of the eye. Incorporating average level graphs and a simultaneous Stereo and Surround metering capability, this is a must have for any post-production studio.

Enhanced in-timeline Re-conform

In version 6, Merging technologies decided to incorporate a complete re-conform tool within the application, for free. Now, in version 7 with updated and optimized controls, and an even faster functioning time, it has become one of the biggest advantages to post-production with Pyramix... and it’s still completely free!

Automation system enhancements

Dubbing Mixers and re-recording Engineers the world over have been mixing incredibly complex projects in Pyramix ever since we brought you the power of MassCore. The results have produced Film and TV that the world has watched with joy. From their feedback, we have created a completely updated and vastly enhanced system for version 7.

Updated ADR tool

Stability enhancements, new features and even more control make ADR in Pyramix an absolute need for any busy voice-over room. It has complete control over the entire audio path, from cue send switching to beeps and marks. It controls 9pin track arming of 3rd party recorders and manages all take and loop information. It can even create automatic wipes that are color coordinated to each actor for use with its sister Product VCubeHD! If you want comprehensive ADR control, get ADR with Pyramix.

New SRC algorithms

Pyramix has always been known far and wide for possessing arguably the most transparent and sonically impressive audio engine on the market today. To compliment this, we have completely redesigned our internal SRC (Sample Rate Conversion) to match this. 64bit floating point calculations, newly developed TPDF dither and 3 different filter impulse responses means any file you need for your project will work, first time.

New FX database tool

For version7, we have completely redesigned our Global Libraries and FX Databases from the ground up. Now, users can load databases in a flash, and experience a vastly reduced memory footprint, with even faster search times from an even easier to use interface. Trusting Pyramix to manage your FX library has never been better.

Integration with Soundminer FX libraries

We scoured the planet, looking for what we believed to be the most impressive 3rd party FX database tool we could find. We wanted to ensure that the product we partnered with would match Pyramix’s fast, intuitive control functions and abilities. SoundMinerHD is a thoroughly in depth FX library management and searching tool, now with integrated “straight to timeline” functionality with Pyramix V7.

Soundminer website

Multi-core MassCore

The worlds most powerful Audio Engine has just gotten a turbo boost with Multi-Core SMP technology. Now able to control multiple cores with our patented real-time engine, loading even more plugins and running even more channels can be done with ease.

Ultra-low latency (1.3ms) I/O

Pyramix contains enough computing power to make other DAW’s pale in comparison. This power allows for incredibly low latencies when working on even the most intensive projects. This means that no matter what you are listening to, you can rest assured that with MassCore SMP, your sound is getting where it needs to go on time, every time.

Virtually no limit to real-time operations

Pyramix doesn’t create fade files, it doesn’t create rendered gain changes to clips and doesn’t do any of the other non-realtime (offline) functions which most DAW’s perform. Well actually, it does do them, but it does them all in real time using DSP instead! This means that all changes can be undone whenever, fades can be adjusted and auditioned at the same time, clips can have their gain adjusted while listening to the whole mix. On large projects though, this requires an incredible amount of power, and MassCore SMP delivers it.

Vastly reduced DSP reinvestment costs

When looking at a hardware system, or any system for that matter, once of the things that must be taken into account is the cost of keeping up to date with the most current technologies and DSP available is essential. MassCore SMP provides an incredibly cost effective way to remain as current as possible by basing the processing not on a proprietary card, but on a commonly available Intel CPU. If you want an Upgrade in your DSP, with a spend at a fraction of the price of standard DSP upgrade, you will be flying with the pros.

System configurations from 48 to 384 tracks (1Fs)

Pyramix has the largest mixer architecture of any hardware based DAW available today. 384 Busses with an upward limit of 384 possible I/O over a combination of any digital standard puts its mixer miles ahead of the rest. No matter what the size of your next mix project, trust that Pyramix can and will cope with ease using MassCore SMP.

Take control of multiple cores

A simple slider in the VS3 Control Panel takes your system from one core up to 7 cores (leaving at least one Core for the Windows OS itself) of pure DSP power with the click of a mouse. Giving any user almost infinite levels of processing to use for bussing/EQ/Dynamics and FX, MassCore SMP is breaking boundaries.

Come see for yourself at IBC 2010 in Amsterdam (booth Hall 6 C29).


The Merging Team