We are delighted to announce that Horus is now shipping. Voted to the “Gear of the Year list” in Audio Media, awarded the 2012 NAB Show’s ProSoundNetwork Best of Show Award and chosen as a star of exhibitions around the globe, Horus is set to become one of the most sought-after audio interfaces ever. Already we have more than 30 orders from some of the world’s most discerning users and the majority of them never even heard the astonishing audio quality!

Here is the deal:

If you currently own a Mykerinos-based MassCore Pyramix system, you will be able to trade in your current cards for a significant reduction in the cost of a new Horus Interface! (Guidelines listed below).

Please be aware though that to connect the Horus unit to the Pyramix MassCore system you will have to be running version 8 of the Pyramix software. If your end user is not running version 7 and is not under ASM, they will have to get upgraded first using the standard methods.

The Guidelines:

  • The trade in has to be a MYK (MB1-5/X30-50) AND any MDC (MADI/AES/DUAL/TDIF/SDIF/ADAT) “sandwich”
  • If you have multiple card system, the primary keyed card must be used for the first trade-in.
  • Additionaly, un-keyed cards can be traded in only after the keyed card has been exchanged.
  • Each MYK/MDC sandwich can be used as trade-in against the cost of 1 Horus Interface.
  • Once you have received your Horus interface, you will have 30 days in which to send the card back to your local Merging Technologies Dealer
  • This Offer is good until December 31, 2012.

If you purchased your cards in 2011:

As you purchased your cards in the last year, we thought that it would only be fair to offer you a solid return on your investment. We understand that little depreciation has been realised so:

Each MYK/MDC “Sandwich” purchased after Jan01, 2011, will have a trade-in value of 75% of up to a max of 50% reduction in Horus cost

If you purchased your cards before Jan 01, 2011:

As you have had time to really get some good usage out of your current cards, we can’t offer you the same deal as the new users above. That said, we think that the deal we have for you is pretty great as well:

Each MYK/MDC “Sandwich” purchased before Jan 01, 2011, will have a trade-in value of 1000€*/1350USD* against the purchase of a Horus Interface

* Approximate trade-in value dependant on currency exchanges. Please contact your local Merging Dealer for exact amount in local currency.

If you have any questions about this, make sure to contact your local Merging dealer soon, so that you make sure to benefit from this amazing offer.

All the best,

The Merging Team