A river of sound runs through it

AV Magazine, www.avinteractive.com

Feb 2016 - AV Magazine

It’s a global brand. It already advertises at airports. But HSBC took its marketing to new heights when it installed a sound installation on an aerial walkway at Gatwick’s North Terminal. In a project celebrating a 15-year partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, the bank recreated the experience of travelling along the river Yangtze.


J Walter Thompson’s O’Donnell had partnered with Davey Williamson, a project manager at Delta Sound, on previous projects and he was chosen to manage the practicalities. Once Davey appreciated the size and complexity, he selected Merging Technologies Ovation Audio Server and Sequencer to manipulate complex sound tracks. He also suggested that motion sensors would add another dimension to the final result as they could trigger additional sounds ‘on demand’.

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